In my 40’s I became more self aware. I became happier being me and being alone with myself. In your 40’s you start to see some changes in how your body looks, gray hair, a few wrinkles and a bit more fat around your middle maybe.

I have loved my 40’s so much, I turn 50 next year. Your 40’s really are amazing even though you know about the “P” word (Perimenopause). Your body can naturally transition from Perimenopause into Menopause without many symptoms.

How is this possible I hear you ask?

With the right diet, attitude, exercise and lifestyle, you can do it.

Here are 40 things a woman should know in her 40’s:

1 – Your hormones are on a rollercoaster ride

2 – Progesterone is the first hormone to decline

3 – Your periods start to become erratic and unpredictable

4 – You have at least one good friend who makes you laugh

5 – You could be experiencing hot flushes/hot flashes or night sweats

6 – You may experience mood swings more than usual

7 – You may be experiencing anxiety or depression

8 – You may be needing to go to pee more often and may experience some leakage

9 – You begin to see more belly fat all of a sudden

10 – You may begin to experience some food sensitivities to some food that you eat that you didn’t have before

11 – You may be experiencing brain fog and forget where you put your car keys or go into a room and forget why you went in there in the first place.

12 – You care less about what people think of you, if they don’t like you, it’s their problem not yours

13 – Friends and family become even more precious to you

14 – You feel more in tune with what makes you happy

15 – You have more confidence with yourself

16 – You may be having some hair loss on your head, and notice that you don’t need to shave your under arms or legs as much

17 – You may be experiencing more sleepless nights than usual

18 – You may feel more spiritual and meditate regularly

19 – You may find your passion in life

20 – You may want to take up a new hobby

21 – You may want to learn a new skill

22 – You may be experiencing some heavy bleeding

23 – You realise that the bad things that happened to you in life were lessons to learn and move on from which you are grateful for

24 – You may have a scar/scars to remind you of a happy event, a life lesson or traumatic event

25 – You feel a lot stronger as a person and you understand yourself better

26 – You know how to make your loved ones happy

27 – You can look forward to ageing knowing that you can control your hormones and your health

28 – You may be experiencing more fatigue than usual

29 – You may find that your usual workout routine is not working anymore

30 – You may want to keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings

31 – You have more self care for yourself and don’t feel guilty about saying “no”

32 – You learn to accept yourself and love yourself when you look in the mirror

33 – You want better health to grow older with grace to help combat diseases of old age

34 – You may find a few more gray hairs

35 – Having more muscle tone is important for your hormones

36 – You need to eat healthy foods, especially healthy fats such as avocado or flaxseeds for hormone health

37 – You realise that you don’t need a guy to take care of you and make you happy. He is in your life to care, add value, share experiences and happiness on your journey through life

38 – You may want to think about adding a good collagen protein powder such as Great Lakes Gelatin in your smoothie or tea

39 – You embrace your wrinkles

40 – You celebrate your life!

A woman in her 40’s, is a woman who can be radiant, glows with confidence, is happy in her own skin and knows how to nourish her body for good health and nutrition.

Talk about girl power!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time.

Andrea Howard

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