So I made it. The big 4 3. Well, you know what I mean.

Still not entirely sure how. I survived going headfirst through a plain glass window at the age of seven. I survived drowning in a swimming pool (don’t ask) in junior high and even managed to survive a tsunami (yes, really) back in 2004. Somehow, here I am.

Time is the greatest teacher. School, college, work, family, friends, marriage, life, injuries, and accidents are just some of the things that play a part in shaping our lives.

To celebrate making it this far, I thought I’d share 43 of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in hopes that you can put them to good use.

    1. Love your family. They will be there for you through thick and thin.
    2. Cherish your friends, but understand that over time people do drift apart.
    3. You can never give your kids enough love.
    4. Kids are capable of the most amazing things, you just have to give them amazing things to do.
    5. Kids are mirrors. Want your kid to be kind, be kind.
    6. Invest in yourself. It has the best ROI of any investments.
    7. Time is the most valuable resource we all have, yet so many people waste it. Rich or poor, young or old, we only have 24 hours a day. Learning how to maximize what time we do have is critical to success in so many areas of our lives.
    8. Teamwork is powerful. No man is an island.
    9. Health is underrated. As Tony Robbins’ mentor, Jim Rohn, once said, “Some people don’t do well because they don’t feel well.” Food for thought there.
    10. Watch the great movies. $200 million to make, $20 to watch. Great deal.
    11. Books are where the magic is. Want to build a business? There’s a book on that. Want a better marriage? There’s a book on that. No matter what it is you want to achieve, someone somewhere has written a book on how to do it.
    12. Don’t let your talent go to waste. We are all born with “gifts,” although some of us are unaware of them. Mozart had music. Michael Jordan had basketball. If you can discover your talent, nurture it.
    13. Never be afraid to speak up. Timidity is a weakness.
    14. Ask for help when you need it. You’d be surprised how many people will say yes if you simply ask.
    15. Smile. People like happy people.
    16. Remembering people’s name is somewhat of a superpower.
    17. Yoga is actually pretty cool.
    18. Technology is your friend, but don’t overdo it.
    19. Japanese food rocks.
    20. Cooking is great for training your brain.
    21. Do what you say you’ll do. No one likes a flake, a hypocrite or a loser.
    22. Water. Drink it.
    23. Learn to swim. One of the best exercises and it may save your life.
    24. Black belts are just a matter of time. The younger you start, you are guaranteed to get one if you keep going.
    25. Continue. Too many give up WAY too soon.
    26. Get written / video testimonials for your business.
    27. Racism isn’t something someone is born with or has because of the color of their skin. It’s learned.
    28. Learn a few magic tricks. You’d be surprised how helpful they’ll be in events, at parties, on dates, and even meetings.
    29. Early on, put some money aside for emergencies. It might come in handy later on.
    30. You can always find a new hobby. I loved basketball, but when it was hard to find enough people, I changed to rock climbing. When I moved and the gym was too far away. I started learning magic. Now, I learn Karate and Aikido.
    31. Parents have been there and done that. They are full of wisdom.
    32. Small, unexpected gifts sometimes are more appreciated than big ones.
    33. There is power in “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” when said sincerely.
    34. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Beware.
    35. Free is the most expensive word.
    36. Get a mentor. One of the greatest time management tips I can offer, as I discussed in a previous article.
    37. Do your due diligence with financial advisers. Very few of them actually do better than the market. Mine cost me a fortune.
    38. Offer to help people and companies that you want to work with.
    39. Be humble. No one likes an arrogant person.
    40. Count to ten before saying anything when you’re angry.
    41. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
    42. Anger ends the minute your head hits the pillow. If you are upset at your partner, discuss it with them before going to bed. A new day should start without baggage from yesterday.
    43. Hustle. GaryVee constantly talks about hustle and for good reason, it’s the determining factor of success. Still not convinced? Check out this TED Talk

Wonder what lesson 44 will be?

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