Lindsay, “If you buy a baby book to track your baby’s milestones and development, try to fill a little bit every day rather than waiting until you have more time. You will likely not find yourself with a huge chunk of free time.  If you don’t write things down as they happen you may forget everything.

Don’t be embarrassed if you experience post-partum anxiety or depression. You are not alone. You will feel so much better if you acknowledge these feelings and seek support. Being strong for yourself and your family means seeking support when you need it, not suffering in silence.” Tip 5 & 6

Lindsay is a relatively new Mom.  She has two cuties under three. Within minutes of meeting Lindsay you’ll realize how lucky those little gems are!

Lindsay has the largest smile, and is full of fun and animation.  I can imagine the twinkle in their little eyes, every time she enters the room.  She loves the sound of laughter and of the word, “Mommy.”  Lindsay personifies the word “Mommy,” and brings the sound of laughter wherever she goes.

I know just enough to know, Lindsay will be a super fun Mom! I predict other kids will be begging to sleepover and spend time in her laughter-filled home!  I bet Lindsay’s kids, and their friends, are going to benefit a great deal from having her in their lives.

In recalling my experiences with Lindsay’s messages, I thought I’d highlight two tips. In my case, the baby book and postpartum depression, were happening simultaneously.

Just the other day, I came across Michael’s baby book. I was so pleased I had taken the time to fill it out, although I was not in the most positive or productive of spaces.  I even found a letter in there, he will likely never see – although I didn’t destroy it.

In one respect, it’s wonderful to revisit that place and time.  Michael was surrounded by love and really did receive a Prince’s welcome into this world.  Although many things have changed, and some things remain the same.

Looking through Michael’s baby book brought me into deep reflection, and gratitude.  I’m happy to have captured some special thoughts.

Tying into Lindsay’s tip #6, I had a small bout of postpartum depression, during my baby-book-construction days, hence the letter. I was apologizing in advance.

I’m glad Lindsay mentioned postpartum in her tips, as it can be a troublesome time. I had no idea what it was at the time, but luckily my Mom recognized the signs.  I can only imagine the confusion for a new Mom, especially one without someone’s watchful eye.

It is important for Moms not to isolate; although in my case, it was exactly what I professed I needed.  It is important to talk about your feelings, I resisted.  I don’t know where my thoughts would have led me had I not had my Mom’s support.  Keeping connected to others is everything, especially when you want everyone to just “go away.”

For me, when I didn’t want help I needed it the most.

Thanks Lindsay!


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