Donna E., “Get down on the floor and play with them! You will have fun and so will they!  It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” Tip 6

Donna mentioned one of her favorite things about parenting was, “Growing up {providing} in a happy home.” She states twice in her entry, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood.”  I love this!  I completely subscribe to the same principle.  In fact, it’s a personal mantra, brought about by an unfortunate event.

In the early years, Michael had many people willing to “get down on the floor.” Big Mike was especially good at that! As for me, I did my best but never felt strong in the area of play.

Following Michael’s injury, and under his advisement to chase and catch our dreams, I’m happy to say – I found and surpassed my dream for a happy childhood. Michael’s insight and wisdom, as well as our newly-developed, collective realization of our vulnerability, pushed me into life, launched me in!

It was almost 10 years ago, the day the student became the teacher.  On the day of his injury, Michael looked up at us from the gurney, and said “If you guys have anything you want to do, you should do it now. This could happen to anyone!

Shortly thereafter, I planned my first trip to Disney. I raced to find the little girl who still needed a childhood. I found her, then I allowed her to play!

I allowed myself to be the little girl who once dreamed of all things Disney.  I borrowed a tiara from a neighborhood girl, bought a beautiful princess dress, and got two tickets to a princess tea! It was fabulous, and unexpectedly healing.

At age 39, I enjoyed my first and only trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I adored each day, and greeted it with child-like enthusiasm.  It was truly one of my most treasured and joy-filled times, of a very treasured and joy-filled life!  I felt like a princess!

I so agree with Donna, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood.”  I would add, the sooner the better. It’s been an honor to have not only have provided a happy childhood, but to have even found one for myself in the process.

Play has made me feel better, appreciate fun, and to aspire for more. I hope both Donna and I, will always keep the bright-eyed little girl close to the surface.  I hope we will always find time to let her play!

It would be great if everyone can find a child, and play long enough to feel like one, if only for a minute!


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