“My name is Markita D. Collins. I am a Wife, Mother, Woman of Faith, Worshiper-Leader, Founder of Kita’s Kompany, and I started with a Kookie,” her resounding voice echoes across Periscope (@MarkitaDCollins), a live stream that is taking the air waves by storm. When her whistle blows across her social media platforms, people paid attention, including her rapidly increasing 10,000 followers on Periscope. Such was the case the day I met her on Periscope! I laid back and watched people roll into her virtual room and, in just 10 minutes, the room had accumulated over 1000 viewers. Not too many people or things catch my attention like she did.

Ten minutes into her broadcast, I was still awake, with no sleep in sight! There and then, I knew there was something unique about her. She had caught my attention and there was no stopping this train. I knew I was in for a treat, so I quickly got my bowl of buttery popcorn, a bottle of spring water, raised my legs up, and stayed glued to my screen. What I experienced was far more than watching a movie. It was raw! The delivery was matter of fact! There were loads of Hammer time, frequent doses of what I call #CracktheCode moments, and argh, yes, the “Ouch experiences.” These were the least of the emotions that erupted across her broadcast that fateful night.

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Welcome to a wonderful experience. For those of you who may be new to my space, this is your gal, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, your Life Mastery Strategist, Author of 19 books to date, award winning filmmaker, with 3 African Oscars, Indiefest Film Award, and the Creator of World Changers Sister & Brother Tribes, a virtual space where we Manifest God to Win. At the beginning of 2017, I had a thought run through my mind. It was to quietly follow a group of women of faith, who are influencing the world with their stories but, more importantly, changing their immediate communities and the world at large, using live streaming and other forms of social media.

I invite you on this empowering, inspiring, and motivating journey for the next four articles, when I bring to you powerhouse women; women that ordinarily might not have been heard, across the globe, if the world of live streaming had not presented the opportunity; terrific women I might not have met. It is my great honor to present to the world, these demon slaying sisters… women who know exactly their lane in this world and are making things happen for themselves and others around them.

I start this series off with Mrs. Markita D. Collins. I call her Mrs. because it is a hat she proudly wears. So for those men out there, who may behold her beauty and wonder if you have a shot at this elegant and poised young woman, she is taken.

The road to interviewing Mar-ki-ta was riddled with some really odd spiritual occurrences. I say spiritual because that is the only way I can describe them. Some of them I will discuss here! In addition, as my wonderful husband, Dr. David Hancock explained it to me, when things start happening and the enemy starts meddling, it is because he knows he is about to be exposed.

A few days prior to our momentous meeting, Markita messaged me, asking if I had cancelled our standing interview. At first, I was confused. I quickly rushed to my calendar and saw her meeting still noted yet she had been notified somehow that I had cancelled. Instantly, I knew this was not going to be an ordinary interview! At that very moment, I knew that an undeniably prophetic voice would be born in my presence, her name is Mar-ki-ta D. Collins, and something in the atmosphere was doing it’s best to shut the message down! It is my belief that in the upcoming months, details of all that transpired trying to get this message out will be released on my African Oscar nominated TV show, the Princess in Suburbia Lifestyle, and the world will get to have an even deeper appreciation for this young lady, and her authentic message to the world. I know that I have certainly gotten to know Mar-ki-ta in a deeper way, amazed at what I discovered, and even more amazed that what I discovered was deeper than what the world had portrayed! She is an old soul who speaks with incredible wisdom uncommon with her generation!

So, I take this time to say to the nay-sayers to hold your comments, your snickering, your doubts, hold your criticisms, release your fears, get engaged, and be ready to be blown away by the story of a woman who has struggled all of her life to be heard; a woman who has tried to show her true self to the world, one who has been devalued so many times, one who says her integrity has been attacked for so long, and is simply asking “look at me! Look beyond peoples’ criticisms. I am not who they say I am. Get to know me and perhaps you may actually like the real Markita D. Collins!” My response to this is this, we must be careful what we say, what we believe about people! We must test the spirit out first and not be moved by what we hear but truly look deeper before we make our judgement call. Interviewing Markita was not only life changing for her but a Kairos moment for me… a reminder of why I am a Huffington Post Contributor, providing a platform for those whose messages need to reach a larger audience outside of their own communities. She did not ask to be on Huffington Post but my spirit was awakened to reach out and present this opportunity. I AM GLAD I DID!

While I perceive that not everyone will understand the spiritual nature of this message, it is my hope that many, regardless of your religious or cultural upbringing, will glean new knowledge from it, and that these articles in the series of WOMEN OF FAITH IMPACTING THEIR COMMUNITIES & THE WORLD AT LARGE, THROUGH LIVE STREAMING will cause you to pause and ask the question, what is life all about?

We started off the interview praying and asking God to guide and lead the interview. Having her in front of me, I wanted to ask so many questions but I had to pull myself together and push to ask questions that would pique the interest of my readers all over the world, across cultures and religious backgrounds. I know that the long nature of this interview has broken the boundaries of ensuring that articles must be written in a short version. I ask that you take your time and read this, though it is longer than usual.

Here are few of the questions tackled by Mrs. Markita D. Collins. Stay tuned as we announce her full ‘on camera’ interview that will be featured on the African Oscar nominated Daytime Talk show, The Princess in Suburbia Lifestyle, scheduled for a new season on the upcoming On-demand platform, The International Diaspora Network.


#1: Let’s talk about your childhood. What was your growing up like and did you feel a sense of spirituality growing up?

I was raised in a Baptist home. In fact, I am one you could call a “church girl.” My parents were married over 40 years ago. I am the oldest of three daughters. Being baby boomers, they believed in hard work and the American Dream. That is, get a good job, save your money, attend church, and put your family first. I had an amazing foundation and I am incredibly grateful for how my parents trained me up. I just knew back in the day learning or knowing about spiritual warfare was not ever brought up in my house because we weren’t aware of it. I remember growing up when I would feel heavy presence of the spirit world in my room and would also see angels. They knew God but not the spiritual gifts and warfare. In fact, I had Sunday school bible study and all the essentials but that was limited in teaching due to what we were accustomed to.

Sadly, many believe that the spirit world does not exist but truth be told, this was predicted. Jesus rose again because of our sins, he died, and took upon himself our illnesses and diseases! He manifests to showcase the works of the evil one.

#2: When you introduce yourself on periscope, you start off by telling the whole world you are a wife, why is that? How important is family to you and in your opinion, what is God’s view on the family structure?

2017 (C) Copyright Makita D Collins: at 4 years old

According to Markita D. Collins, the above picture of when she was four years old, means so much to her. She remembers this moment when she was looking out of her parents’ bedroom window at our old house in Syracuse NY. I always imagined that I was day dreaming about God…, she added.

2017 (C) Copyright: Markita D Collins & Family

There is order in God’s kingdom and it seems like we have gotten it all wrong! Women want to be so independent that now, many are becoming the heads of their own households even though there is a man in the house. Some do not want to recognize their role as a “help mate”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for women to be subservient to men, I am simply stating that we need to allow men to be men in their homes. We need to respect them and honor them. When I tell the whole world that I am a wife, I am honoring my husband and it pleases him. For me, I love being a wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our marriage is not perfect but then again, who’s is? I let my husband know that aside from God, he and our children come first, and then my spiritual family and/or my ministry.

Whether our husbands are working or not, we chose them, we knew what they were all about before we married them and if they are not at the spiritual level we desire, we must still honor them. We can argue and discuss some challenges but we will not withhold anything from each other, including intimacy.

The Reason Why Markita D. Collins Fights for Marriages and Honors Her Own Marriage to Shaun Collins:

When asked to describe her husband, in her words, he is so good to me, Princess. He was patient and understanding during a hard time of trusting men again. The reason why I say I am a wife to Shaun Collins so much is because, I know what it feels like to be married and involved with someone that does not honor you, rejects you, leaves you, abandons you, cheats on you, and takes you for granted.

My former marriage was a complete disaster! I believed that he loved me and there was a time where I knew I loved him. Since I was raised to never walk away from marriage, I endured struggle. Even when he wanted to be free, I thought I was doing the right thing fighting for someone that clearly wanted out. I fought through so much depression and rejection. All I had was church and the will to fight for my sanity. After going through divorce which felt like death I wanted to do me! I did whatever I was big and bad enough to do because I trusted no one and I was angry at GOD for allowing me to go through so much hurt and shame. However, I still had enough sense to call upon His name even during my being rebellious.

2017 (c) Copyight Markita D Collins

Years later, my friend Shaun became my best friend and he would see me in clubs and bars, a mess! Even then, he covered me and made sure nobody hurt me. He watched me as I drank and twirled on the dance floor for hours. He waited on me, even though he actually found me over 22 years ago. Frankly, I have never been with a man like Shaun and that’s why I share my testimony about life after divorce as well as be an advocate for being healed before allowing another man into your life, so you do not wreck his life! Well, we are in love; together, we LOVE GOD, and we are saved for real. There is so much more to this story and I’ll leave it at this…. I love Ali “Shaun” Collins for real! He’s my man of God!

2017 (C) Copyright Markita D Collins


#3: What is the difference between prophets and psychics?

I don’t dispute that the psychics have power, however it is power that has been perverted! This is power that could have easily been used for good but is not. It is now used in manipulating others. As prophets, we have to be very careful not to move into manipulation with the gift. There is certainly a thin line that we can easily cross over. When we start to control people with it, it becomes practicing witchcraft. Today, I can categorically agree with those who call me prophetess on my broadcasts and I do believe that God has called me a prophetess to the nations. He, therefore, allows me to see things that ordinary people will not see. He has also given me the opportunity and the acumen to speak truths into the lives of people, without condemnation, humiliation, or judgement. This has been a humbling experience, one I must not take lightly.

In addition, as someone who is prophetic by nature, it is imperative that we understand what it means to be prophetic and how it benefits the body of Christ.


If my husband tells me to shut down periscope today, I will because the truth is, he has been instrumental in steering my business. He handles the web designing, graphics and lots more behind the scenes to make sure that my companies including Kita’s Kompany work effectively.

2017(c) Kita’s Company

Without God, our businesses (Kita’s Kookies & Girl Talk with Kita) are nothing. So, God takes precedence in our lives as a unit, home, and business. God will honor that. There are challenges to being a stay at home mom. But with God’s strength, we overcome them.

3. Let’s talk some more about business. What is Kitas Kompany and why are people on live stream addicted to it?

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GirlTalk Digital is the home to all Content, Products & Offerings associated with the GirlTalk with Kita movement. The intent behind every GirlTalk Digital product is to Deliver, Enlighten and Educate. Girl Talk With Kita is a safe place where my audience can be totally themselves! No judgment and no bashing! We laugh, cry, pray, empower, cultivate, inspire, pull, and push each other into our purposes. In Girl Talk with Kita, we speak about womanhood, love, romance, sex, marriage, being single, divorced, family blended, family business, ministry and how to balance it all.

4. Let’s keep this business thread going, you have an exciting news to tell our readers? Can you please share… I know that the buzz has been going all over the social media. Please do share.

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Finally I did it! I wrote a book! I am so excited to be unveiling it across the social media… to the world and not just USA. At the risk of telling it all, the title of the book really shares a lot, “A Little Old Fashion Goes Along Way.” We live in an age where our traditional family value are being corrupted. In this labor of love, I talk about forgiveness, not being a side chick, understand that we are wives not “wifey”, and the importance of not only having a good man but keeping your man, once you have found him. I wanted to bring my readers to remembrance and to enlighten them about the importance of keeping our family values. Case in point, respecting our husband and understanding our role as “help mates”. When the title was suggested to me, it absolutely resonated with me, my brand, my core values, and beliefs about the role of women in the household.

2017 (C)Copyright Markita D Collins

“I have been given the tremendous honor of cultivating one of God’s greatest gifts; He has allowed me to pour trust, love, and wisdom into her from the first day we spoke years ago. He has allowed me to be there through heart break, through joy, during the times when she was trying to rediscover who she was. He has allowed me to be there to shape, mold, and cultivate the woman, the lady, and the wife I love today.” – FOREWORD, Shaun Collins

“A must read for any woman looking to be in a healthy and loving relationship either now or in the future. Markita brings a fresh perspective with sound and solid teachings that have proven the test of time!” – Asha Tyson, National Bestselling Author of How I Retired at 26!

I am truly honored to have the support of Ms. Asha Tyson, who is a national bestseller herself. I am in great company. March 7, 2017 is a great day for me… a day when the book cover is released to the world! This is a day when another chapter of my life is unveiled in the presence of all… for all to see and gain encouragement. Details on this great event and the launch of this new season in her life can be found at: http://alittleoldfashioned.life/


5. How has live streaming impacted your reach? And how do you project your belief system without pushing some away?

2017(c) Copyright Markita D. Collins

The World Wide Web introduced me to people I could never reach with the signal of the Internet. I am able to speak life and pour into people from the comfort of my home through social media. This exciting times have also caused an awareness of what the power social media can do. Kita’s Kompany monthly subscription, Kita’s Kompany, Girl Talk with Kita is benefiting from my exposure on Periscope.

Today, I see people push the button to hear what I have to say anytime I hop on. I have literally met people from all walks of life. I don’t have to seek permission from a local church to impact the world. Live streaming has changed my life. In addition to what I share earlier, I no longer need to wait for people in “high places” to validate me or my gifting. The world as we know it is changing and we need to be ready to adapt. I am truly humbled and honored that my life is touching other lives within the US and outside.

6. What are your thoughts on legacy?

Legacy is what you leave behind not only for your children but generations of people who live after you are long gone. This is your foot imprint on the world. I want to believe that I am working it all out right now. All that I am and all that I am aspiring to be… they are all pointing to one thing, the legacy of hope, second changes, new beginning.

7. What is your message to the world?

I ask that people, particularly women, dare to love themselves, encourage one another through their stories, impact one another with boldness to be all that they were meant to be. Above all, never judge others because of hear say! Get to know them first, then draw your own conclusions.

My Summation:

Have you ever experienced a situation where you are misunderstood or misinterpreted to be one thing and you know you are the other? The truth is this, Markita D. Collins visited my periscope broadcast (1Princessofsuburbia) one day. A prophetic word went forth about God pulling an unexpectedly huge number of people into some peoples’ scopes. In a few days, Markita reported having about 13,000 people on her scope in one day and she had pictures to prove it. You would think it would end there. Since then, she has been drawing people who would ordinarily not think about my scope… she has been drawing them to my scope. Here is what I see with our dear Markita; there is an anointing on her life that the enemy does not want global world to hear.

From what I have experienced this week, I can certainly say that many may have misunderstood; misinterpreted who she is and what she is about. Then the enemy wants the confusion to remain a dark shadow over her life. Mrs. Markita D. Collins is one who must remain in His presence at all times… praying and fasting to lift that dark shadows off her. But praise be to God who has declared that the battle is not ours but the Lord’s.~2 Chronicles 20: 15.

“A little Black Girl from Syracuse, New York,” Mar-ki-ta would also say. “Beautiful dreams do not happen to girls like me but it does NOW!,” she exclaimed after our discussion.

It was an honor and an humbling experience to bring this prophetic voice to the Nations via Huffington Post and I have come away with yet one more life lesson, to remember to honor my husband when I turn on my periscope broadcast by letting the world know that I am a wife to Dr. David A. Hancock and most of all, to understand that we are to meant to live in this world alone. God has given us love and there is indeed Power in Numbers™.

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Up Next: In few weeks we reveal her to the world…. Get Ready.

Up Next is Tommie Norman whom I met on periscope too. Tommie is a Minister, Mentor, and Bible Teacher, who helps people get healed and activated into their spiritual calling and purpose.

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