There’s no doubt that affirmations can make a difference in your life. They can lift our mood, reduce stress and help us to raise our confidence. Prolonged use of these positivity powerhouses can actually affect the neuroplasticity of our brain and actual re-wire it to be naturally more positive and confident!

But which affirmations could you use each day? Sometimes it can feel difficult coming up with great phrases to use.
Here are 5 affirmations you can use each day. Do them each morning and evening for about 1 minute, ideally standing in front of the mirror and really feeling the words and emotions. Connecting with your feelings/emotions as you do the affirmations gives you the same difference in power as a family saloon car vs a SpaceX rocket!
This is an obvious one and you can be excused for wondering how saying this one phrase could raise your self-confidence. My answer to that is to try it and let me know how it’s helped you.
The trick with this one is not just to say it, but to FEEL it when you’re repeating the affirmation. Imagine Rocky at the top of the steps with his arms outstretched, feeling the achievement, that’s what you’re looking for. Actually do the actions, raise your arms like you’re receiving adoration from a crowd.
This is one I used to use a lot when I worked in my 9-5 job. The atmosphere was becoming more and more toxic and it was very easy to find yourself being sucked into the negative vortex like it was a huge black hole you couldn’t escape from. Using this affirmation each morning helped me tremendously to the point where I became that annoyingly happy person (we all have one wherever we work LOL) who stayed happy all day, no matter what was going on.
Again, FEEL this one as you’re saying it and imagine the happiest day of your life, submerge yourself into those happy memories as you say this affirmation to yourself. You can also repeat this to yourself through the day to top-up the effect.
Think of the times when someone says something really nice to you, they give you a wonderful compliment, yet you try to brush it off because you feel embarrassed for receiving it. I used to be like this when I did archery, I was the best in the UK, I was grouping 6 arrows into the target tight enough that you could wrap your hand around, yet when people said to me how good I was I would answer with something like “I’m ok I supposed”. You see I was uncomfortable to receive that praise.

This affirmation will help you receive those compliments with grace and comfort. When doing this affirmation, just like in number 1, I want you to use your body as well as your voice. Imagine singers when they go on stage and hold out their arms to receive the adoration from the crowd, this is what I want you to do with this affirmation.
Do this one each morning and evening.

You can actually couple this with affirmation number 2, that’s exactly what I did when I worked in the 9-5 job.

Just like in affirmation 2, I want you to use your body as well as your voice and emotions.
Doing this affirmation in the morning really does set you up for the day and you can top it up during the day too.

You see, we have choices each day, whether to have the sandwich or the lasagne, the soda or the water, and whether to have a great day or a crappy day. YOU have control of all of these! Telling yourself that you are CHOOSING to have a fantastic day will set your mind up to do just that. Try it, you’ll see what I mean!

When you mention abundance to people they automatically think of money, but that isn’t the only form of abundance in our life. We can be abundant in money, health, friends, family and many other things.

That’s great, but many of us need to open our mind and heart to that abundance because we have limits to what we can receive right now. That’s why this is an important affirmation.
Do this affirmation morning and evening and when you’re doing it, make you visualise your heart and mind opening to allow the abundance into your life. This stage is very important!

Let me know in the comments which affirmations you use and how you get on with them. 


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