appreciation for friends, coworkers

There are a lot of deserving people in our lives and we are often searching for ways to express gratitude to them. And while we want to show our appreciation in a thoughtful way, we don’t want to break our budget.

From teachers and neighbors to employees and friends, here are 5 cheap (but meaningful) ways to show appreciation to these important people. 

  1. Write an appreciation note

When I was growing up, my mom had us write thank you notes after birthdays and holidays as well as to express our gratitude to family and friends that had done something special for us. This habit has stuck and although it’s not as typical of a tradition as it once was, I continue to strive to write notes of appreciation when I can. 

Appreciation notes do not have to be long or wordy to make a big impression. Keep it short and sincere by specifically stating why you appreciate this person and the impact they have made on you. I guarantee this will bless the recipient! 

  1. Give a gift

Give an inexpensive thank you gift to show your recipient that you are grateful for them, for the role they have played in your life and the ways they have helped you. This can be a store bought gift that is specific for the person receiving it, something you have created homemade, or a delicious treat they will enjoy. Look here for Inexpensive Thank you Gifts (To Stay On Budget).

  1. Do something they enjoy

If you know the individual you are expressing appreciation for well, do something with them they will enjoy. To make this inexpensive, find a free or cheaper outing. This could include:

  • Attending a free outdoor concert
  • Visiting a museum on a discounted or free day
  • Inviting them to an author visit at the local bookstore
  • Taking your dogs to a dog park
  • Going to a local lake or beach
  • Taking a hike
  • Attending a free workout class
  • Having a picnic in a park
  • Going out for a happy hour
  1. Volunteer your time

If you are thanking a teacher, neighbor, or friend, you can easily volunteer your time to help them out. Volunteer in your child’s classroom by asking your child’s teacher how you can help. Help a neighbor or friend by babysitting, lending out your tools and skills for a project, or helping them with something around the house. 

Another simple and inexpensive idea is to double a favorite meal your family loves and either invite the person you are thanking over for dinner or take their family a meal. 

  1. Compliment Them

“A compliment is verbal sunshine.”- Robert Orben

Compliments are free to give out and worth a lot to the recipient. Verbally express to this person why you appreciate them, what they have done for you, and what it has meant toL you. Look them in the eye while giving them this compliment (no emails or texts) and they will appreciate your sincerity. 

Showing gratitude and appreciation for those in our lives is important, but doesn’t have to cost a lot. Practice these ways to appreciate others often and you will feel a positive impact as well.