Have you ever had that one goal or dream that you tell yourself every day you are going to do but then time and time again never gets completed?

So many times in life, we say we want something, but our actions don’t correlate. We say we are going to wake up at 5 AM to do it but if we don’t get up, how bad do we want it?

As a business coach, my job is to help people make the connection between their goals and taking action. What I see most of the time is there is a HUGE disconnect between the outcomes they want and the physical act of doing it. The vast majority of people ‘don’t put the right amount of time or energy into the things they say they want. 

Here are a couple of items to consider when you are setting your goals and achieving them, not only in your business but in your personal life as well:

If you don’t want to get up at 5 AM to do something, you probably don’t want it bad enough…AND THAT’S OK

JUST OWN IT! ‘It’s OK to say to a dream or a goal you thought you wanted at some point. Be OK with the realization that if you are not going to extend yourself now to accomplish it, ‘it’s time to let go. People hold on to dreams, goals, and outcomes they want, and in the end, it causes depression, overwhelm, and defeat. As you grow as an entrepreneur and business owner, your dreams are going to change. Your goals are going to alter. You are going to be making different things a priority, but that is OK! Release those things that are holding you back and welcome new ideas and dreams into your life. 

Are you making your goals a 5 AM commitment?

If you know in your heart of hearts that you were meant to make a million dollars, pay off your house, get a new car etc. then are you making a big enough commitment to achieving those goals? Being able to block off time to work on your goals will make or break you! You have to be willing to get up early before the kids get up before the calls start and focus on achieving those goals? ‘It’s about putting that thing first, and extending yourself to get to the next level. You need to be willing to put that extra time aside and push yourself to take the time to get it done before the craziness starts. 

We are moving a million miles every minute, and sometimes we get tunnel vision. We get so caught up in the day to day, we forget about the bigger picture! ‘It’s so important always to be self-auditing yourself and making those commitments to achieving the 5 AM breakthroughs that mean the most to us! 

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