Americans are known for their superb athletics abilities and have made a huge mark all over the world. There are numerous American people who have done a great job in achieving big in their lives and have won many medals for their country. Well, some of you might cite reasons such as culture of sports in America, a good development of infrastructure, and a quality sports education that Americans receive in their country, for their success in sports.

However, if these were the only reasons for the success of a person in the various sports then everyone should have become a world champion. But it is obviously not the case. The real reason which describes the success of these sports persons is their love for the sports. Many athletes from America have done a marvelous work and have made their country proud by overcoming all sorts of obstacles in their paths to emerge victorious. Here we have listed a list of 5 American Sports Persons who are known for their contribution to the world of sports:

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a tennis player from America and she has achieved a lot of success in her life. Not only her success has played a great role in taking her career to a new height but also she become a role model for every woman in the world. She has displayed an exceptional physical and mental strength throughout her career.

Serena has broken many records and set new ones by winning many titles in several competitions all over the world. She has won the most Grand Slam singles titles in her career. Apart from this, she is six times US open singles champion, 7 times Wimbledon singles champion, and also won many titles which show her dominance all over the world.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is a retired swimmer from America and has won a total of 28 medals. He is also the one who has won maximum number of Olympic gold medals. After taking his retirement, he prepared himself again to participate in the 2016 Olympics and surprised everyone by winning gold medals.

He has got an excellent physical as well as mental strength which is why he had dominated in the Olympics for many years and had broken many records. Michael Phelps has promoted swimming on a large scale and started Michael Phelps Foundation to promote healthy lifestyle all over the world.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers in the World. This American sportsman had started his professional career at an age of 20 years. He has broken many records and attained the top spot many times in his career. Woods has won many titles against many players under different weather conditions.

What makes him so famous is the fact that he had won 14 majors in his life and inspired a huge number of people by introducing golf in their lives. Also, Tiger Woods was the first billion dollar sportsman all over the world. He has made everyone proud with his excellent ability to play golf.

Tiger Woods was caught in multiple scandals over his lives, but that were all about his personal life. He was true to the sport, and was never involved in match-fixing scams or scandals.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an American football quarterback who has made a record of winning five quarterbacks for a single team. No matter for which team he plays, he comes as a winner in almost every match. Tom has an excellent record of winning especially in playoffs and hence is one of the most popular American sportsman known in the world.

Brady has experienced many setbacks in his life. Despite this, he has made himself famous by playing in extraordinary fashion throughout his career. When he made his entry into the team, he didn’t get many chances to show his talent to the world. However, when other legend players retired then Tom Brady got a chance to show to the world his ability. He kept improving his game with time and left no stone unturned to leave every spectator in a complete surprise.

LeBron James

LeBron James is a popular basketball player from America who plays for Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. Apart from winning three NBA Championships, he has named many titles as well as several other awards in his career.

Not only in the game of basketball but James also made his presence felt at the social as well as political level. Whether you watch any basketball match or not, you can not avoid his presence especially in America.

This was the list of top 5 American Sports Persons who made us proud by showing their exceptional skills to the world.