What I learn from my solo trip

I started my journey on 5th January 2019, and I promised myself to go this time alone. I was not confident in my life and never made strange decisions ever. 

I have always scared that how a woman can go alone in a new country and talk with strange or new people. However, To make myself strong and confident. I sign up my account on tripadvisor.com, which is a travel marketplace. There I found a community of travellers and women like me. 

I read many tips and blogs online to ensure I am ready to go for this solo travel trip. I will jot down some of the essential things I have learned during my stay in china and what sort of things you should carry when you visit china for discovering history and culture.

1) When you go to TRAVEL ALONE, You are not alone!

Tricky! But that’s true, Being a woman in a new country, I never thought that I would be alone. That’s how I prepared my mind before I depart to China. I speak myself a lot that this journey not only gives me excitement but self-development of my personality. There are a lot of people around you, so you will chance to learn different languages, new culture and their ethics. I took it positively and didn’t find myself alone. I also had communication training skills workshop in Singapore before I depart to China.

Don’t Quit Your Day Dream.

2) You will enjoy more than you thought! People support you and encourage you to travel as Women.

Whenever I met Chinese people, They are talkative. I have learned many things from them and their language as well. There are times when people come to me and ask, Why you are here? I always reply! Exploring myself and giving a chance to live the way I want. Women are not to keep at home; instead, they should go and visit places the way.

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” …

3) Your mental health will be improved.

For each person out there reading this and struggling with mental health, I want you to recognize it’s well worth pushing via the despair; fighting until you feel mentally strong enough to an ebook that aircraft price tag of your own. Travel is, without a doubt, the fastest manner you could grow as a human being and turn your existence into a stimulated one.

4) You will become more comfortable in your skin.

That means you will be comfortable in your thinking process as there will not be anyone who can bring any negativity.

5) It is your life & your opinion:

When you travel on your self, You can talk, write and show much more to others because you have got practical experience. It teaches you to explore your thoughts, ideas and dreams.

Now in last, I want to write down a few things that most of the travellers have told me to carry in your bag whenever you visit any country. 

1) I had my small bag in which I kept books that I love most, Some of the kitchen appliances, for example, blender, electric immersion heater etc

2) I had my charger, some beauty products and a leather jacket.

So, I hope you are reading my story and get some inspiration. Don’t fear! Just go and win your life.