It’s a fact that Canada occupies the second spot on the list of biggest landmasses in the world. It’s believed that there are less people than in the state of California. Do you know what this means? The number of unpopulated areas with wild natural beauties are all around.

And the best way to reach them and sense their uniqueness is through the 47 national parks that this country has to offer. It’s really hard to tell which park is more beautiful than the rest as all of them have something interesting and special within.However, to help you start exploring,here we gathered the absolute best national parks in Canada that shouldn’t be missed. So,read on!

GrosMorne National Park

This national park situated in Rocky Harbor in Newfoundland and Labrador can be counted among the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. And it’s easy to see why this particular park was given such a high honor and title. It’s a dream place for nature lovers as it has mountains, fjords as well as lowlands.

One of the most compelling sights is the coast where people can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea as well as sunsets and sunrises. All of the glaciers, which are formed thanks to millions of years of ice, give certain magic to the place and sometimes it may feel like you’re transported into the Ice Age.

Nahanni National Park Reserve

This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Canada and is located in the Northwest Territories. This national park reserve is known for its waterfalls and deep river canyons, which makes it a popular destination for kayakers as well as fans of rafting and canoeing.

You’ll be amazed by the wildlife and the ecosystem there that includes mountain goats, grizzlies, wolves, and such.

National Park on Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island’s north coast can boast with this gem of a park that has it all. First and foremost, it’s very picturesque – the Atlantic Ocean hugging the red cliffs and beaches is a thing you’ll never forget.

What’s more, visitors can encounter salt marshes, vast and beautiful forests as well as some important historical places and even dunes. Did you know that this national park served as an inspiration for the popular novel “Anne of Green Gables”?

Banff National Park

Banff has the title of the first official national park in Canada. And it’s a trendy place for individuals from all over the world who can choose from plenty of activities to do there like hiking, rowing on the gorgeous emerald lakes or simply relax and stare at the snowy Rocky Mountains. There are some hot springs, too.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the national park reserve’s coast, forests, and beaches attract hundreds and hundreds of tourists. From surfers and kayakers to hiking and biking enthusiasts, you’ll meet plenty of people drawn by the beauty and uniqueness of the place.