People have widely divided themselves into two major categories considering personality types – introverts and extroverts. Although today we do hear another term – ambivert. Extroverts are generally more going whereas introverts are the opposite. There is one clear definition though – extroverts draw their energy from crowds and attention, whereas introverts draw their energy from themselves. That is why they prefer to spend time with themselves and need to often recharge alone if have been in a social setting. So, how do introverts overcome stress? It isn’t that difficult because they need themselves for it and here are some ways to do that.

Read and draw

Reading and drawing are solo activities and an introvert would love it. It could be that the person isn’t into reading or drawing, but generally speaking, this is one activity that has a lot of introvert takers. Reading is quite beneficial for people as it helps in focus, patience, and some learning. Similarly, drawing teaches us patience and expression. If you don’t know how to draw, but want to try it or learn it, then do go for it. There are many online tutorials on how to go about that.


Do it yourself activities are such a great way to spend time with yourself and get something productive done. Be it recycling things to create new décor or painting a part of the wall to redesign the room; all of these make good options for any introvert. Of course, one doesn’t really have to take up large projects if they don’t want to. For example, completely redesigning your study. Take up smaller tasks, there are plenty of examples online on what to do. The major point is that you get to do something productive, solo and recharge.


Playing definitely makes people feel better. It generates good hormones and gives you a happy feeling. Now being an introvert doesn’t mean you cannot play. Play with your pet, laugh around or play a video game. In online video games, one doesn’t really have to meet people. And sometimes, you can play alone. If you haven’t gone above a certain level and want to feel good, you can also get what is called a boost. Many games offer it, for example, Destiny 2 boost and it essentially helps you get ahead in a game. If you are feeling stressed and getting ahead can make you happy, then the boost is a good thing.


Gardening is such a soothing activity and is recommended not just for introverts but all kinds of people. It gives us a chance to be out in nature or at least surrounded by plants. It is a good choice for introverts because it doesn’t need a group or a gang to complete. You can do it by yourself. Gardening tips can help you grow plants for food and ambience. Gardens are very helpful in soothing frazzled nerves and this is what you need when you are stressed.


Music often touches people in significant ways. It doesn’t have to be a perfect song or tune, like something from Beethoven. Even simpler tunes can make us feel good and alive. Music calms not only people but has also been seen to calm animals. As an introvert, you can choose to sit in solace and listen to good music. It could be soothing and uplifting. Or you can choose to even learn to play an instrument so you can play it on your own whenever you need it most.

Most introverts can do what they like, alone and recharge while overcoming stress. Because they prefer alone time, this can also help them reduce stress by simply being away from people.