Don’t you just love the New Year and the promises that come with it?

That time when we embark on our very own habitual spring cleaning and when the zest is most high to implement all the changes that we have so wanted to make all year long. There’s not a perfect time that it to take a stance on your health and fitness goals and just go for it.

Even though the New Year comes with an unseen power that sort of drives us to make those crossroad decisions that we probably wouldn’t make at another time, we are bound to get stuck somewhere and ultimately crumble if there are no breadcrumbs to follow.

It takes a lot of discipline to make the decision of taking fitness as a priority and it takes, even more, discipline to stick to your fitness plan, but the result makes it totally worth your while, even so, locking down in better ways to achieve your fitness goals would more than make the difference, and here are fives ways that would surely help you in the coming year :

1. Make the decision

As easy as it sounds this is really a very crucial step to take before embarking on any goal getting journey for that matter. Making the decision is like the go-signal in a race as it tells you that you are all clear to begin.

It usually helps to write it down or say it out loud, either way, make sure that your mind knows that you have created a sort of milestone.

2. Draw out your goals

The journey to fitness can only be easier if you know what your aims are and you spell them out right at the very beginning.

Goals come in two ways, long-term and short-term goals, and you would need the latter to attain the former.

Perhaps your long-term goal might be to drop 45 pounds before the year ends. It wouldn’t just happen because you have made it a long-term goal, you must have short-term actions that would lead to the long-term goal. For example, lose 3 pounds each week could be the short-term goal, and there’s nothing stopping you from going shorter.

Perhaps you could decide to hit 1000 sit-ups every day, and it gets easier from there.

3. Measure your goals

There’s no point in having goals if there isn’t any way to see how you are doing. You could do the 1000 sit-ups every day and still be missing out on meeting your weekly goal of losing 3 pounds with the worst part being not knowing.

Even if it is a simple question of stepping on a weighing scale every now and then, it is imperative that you find some way to know that your actions are at all yielding results.

4. Download a fitness App on your Smartphone

You are on your Smartphone almost all the time and so the ‘smart’ thing to do will be to install an App that makes it easier to keep track of your schedule and progress for your Fitness Workout Plan.

By providing just a few information, some Apps, like Kaa-yaa does more than just schedule your workout and remind you when it’s time, it saves you the stress of having to figure out which workouts are best for you, and does all the work for you.

5. Reward yourself

What better way to motivate yourself than to reward yourself for every milestone you achieve. Too many people take this for granted and they are unaware that every reward boosts your willingness a hundred percent over.

A thumbs up to yourself won’t cut it. Maybe go watch that movie you have so wanted to see when you lose the 3 pounds for the week if not, don’t.