By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

You are the life of the party!  

Stories, ideas and words never seem to fail you, and your ability to capture an audience is effortless.  

If this sounds like you, chances are you’re an extrovert.

What ultimately defines someone as an extrovert or introvert is where they pull energy from. Extroverts get their energy from being around people, it peps them up and makes them feel more alive. An introvert gains energy from spending time alone, and in some cases will feel drained if they are in large groups for prolonged periods of time. 

Outside experiences and other people motivate you, and your desire to interact with them is a core value, present in your daily life. This is oftentimes why research shows that extroverts, who make up 50-74% of the population, are more successful in business and entertainment.  

This isn’t to say that the world isn’t in need of their counterparts, introverts, known to be good listeners and creative souls. 

Heres the thing, the job market for extroverts can be fierce, and not everyone is meant to be the next Muhammid Ali or Margaret Thatcher. If you aren’t careful, you might have landed a job that left you alone for hours on end with no outlet for your pent up energy.  

Instead, you find yourself at work daydreaming about exploring the world, meeting new people and seeking one adventure after the next.

If you feel stuck in your job and find the travel bug has hit, here are 5 career paths worth pursuing to keep your extroverted life rolling all around the world.

1. Tour Guide

A tour guide is passionate about their city and has the stamina to not only stay on their feet all day but also carry on conversations and entertain groups of tourists. If you are extroverted, this job is a dream come true.

Aside from giving walking tours in major cities, tour guides lead expeditions for travelers all over the world. You can lead a Safari in South Africa or trek in the Himalayas. The sky is the limit with where you can go and what you can lead.

Be careful to remember that you are guiding people on their planned and anticipated vacation, emotions will be high and so with their expectations for a great time. Be prepared to handle conflict if unrealistic expectations aren’t met.

The majority of jobs in this career path are freelance gigs, and this brings with it the need to pay your own health insurance, and 401(k), and be prepared that when you are not working, you are not getting paid.  

2. Event Planner

If you are already the life of the party, why not plan them?

Become a business professional that plans events ranging from weddings and parties to conferences and conventions. Events take place all over the country, and the world, and need your social butterfly skills to be pulled off.  

An event planner excels at interacting with clients to offer them support during the planning and execution process while also approaching vendors and suppliers to negotiate contracts and pricing. If you can use your gift at communicating with the organizational skills required to manage all the moving pieces of an event, this is a great career path to consider.

Be aware it isn’t all cupcakes and streamers, you will need to also have a sense of stability under high-pressure situations. The event industry is fast-paced and while it will never leave you feeling bored it can be very overwhelming.  

3. Flight Attendant

Every time you step on a flight, someone warm and smiling typically welcomes you. These are the outgoing and easily approachable people, excited to meet and greet hundreds of strangers. Their work on the flight is all about ensuring safety and cleanliness throughout the flight duration. 

The downside? Hours can be grueling, your immune system is under the threat of the recycled airplane air, and you will have to adapt to managing your circadian rhythm with a schedule that involves flying all over the country, or the world.  

The perks? There’s minimal training required to leap into this role, and you’ll get free flights for you (and a partner) to travel the world for life! 

4. Hospitality Manager

Managing the front desk at a spa, food service at a restaurant or lodging at a hotel fits extroverts quite well. These roles required a great deal of personal interaction with staff and customers, all while keeping things moving around the hospitality site.

While holding a college degree can help in this industry, the majority of training happens on the job when you’re hired. Your dependability, socialization, and leadership skills are what will ultimately get you these jobs. Hospitality job projection is only 4% but if you land a role, chances are you will be in a stable role, working in a vacation-worthy city.

5. English Teacher Abroad

If you are an extrovert with a passion for helping others and driving interest in different cultures, being an international language teacher is a great outlet for your personality needs.  

You will likely need to get a certification such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or have a masters degree in order to qualify, but this career path will pay a decent salary to support your time abroad. This is becoming a more popular option for fresh graduates from college in search of adventure while supporting themselves.  

Don’t worry, this career path isn’t going anywhere, there are an estimated 2 billion English learners worldwide in need of teaching support. Your options for countries and school systems to work with are incredibly varied and the ability to move around each year is very common.

Don’t let your values as a people person dwindle away, get out there and find a job that brings you to life. Let every day, even at work, be an adventurous party!

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