So you are new and want to learn the sport carp fishing? Great attempt, so before you gonna to wet your feet let’s have a look on some of the crap fishing techniques which may help you to hook them like a professional pro angler. For the fishing you need some fishing gear, so for that you can visit

Here are the 5 crap fishing tips:

One of the most challenging and exciting thing is you are after the crap and want to catch that on rod and line. But as you are a beginner so you need to know some basic things. First of all,

1. Choose the best reel and rod: 

you will get dozen of craps in North America but fishermen like to catch only the common craps which are only 5 to 30 pounds. So if you really want to catch the big fish then go for the best reel and rod which can easily handle a big fish. Basically a carp rod is 12ft long. For the big crap a bigger reel is good enough for a big fish like a trophy crap. To hook the crap you need a rod which can easily detect slight vibrations also. As a beginner you should know that craps are very slow and soft strikers. You can take a fly rod also if you want do the tpopular fly fishing in river or lake.

2. Best baits and best hooks for crap fishing: 

Basically fishermen prefer 4 to 6 sizes hooks for fishing and they love black colored hook most because those are better camouflaged. If you want sharpness and high quality hook then you should go for the Gamakatsu brand.

Fisherman says that for fishing bait works best. To get a heap of crap you don’t need to spend too much money, the cheap and simple baits are corns, worms, snails, and crickets.

But it will not work for some different types of crap which respond better if you use some natural lures for them. Plastic grubs and worms are known as entice crap to strike, for fishing in shallow waters. You can use the artificial flies too.

3. Follow the best time to find out the crap in numbers: 

Basically craps are most available and active during summer. As they finished spawning that time so they are searching for feed. The feeding time of crap is early in the morning and late afternoon. The best fishing spots for crap is the pond, lake and river. Follow some signs like bubbles in the water. One more thing keep in mind that crap are good followers of wind, so observe the top of the water to get the idea of the crap movement.

4. How to successfully hook a crap: 

As you know there is no substitute of being patient, it is the first key of success. Remember that craps are very tricky and they know very well how to play with your bait and make you fool. So ignore any small or false bumps and never pull off your hook too early, it is the common mistake which is happened first time for all the fishermen. So don’t be so excited until the crap has completely grabbed the bait and then you can successfully hook a big crap. Allow your hunt to fully grab the bait, till then just leave your reel in free mood or spool mood.

5. Know the reeling a crap: 

After setting the hook the reel fight begins. So keep your rod high and concentrate on your fish. But be calm and don’t use too force because it is not a catfish, it is the crap who can easily yank the hook by its soft and thin mouth. So let the crap fight against you, it will make your work easier. But yes it s a crap so don’t give it’s a second chance if you are near the shore or boat, so get ready with a fishing net handy so that you don’t lose your hard and successful catch.

So now you have a little bit clear idea about the crap and its surroundings, so go and hit the pond lake and river to grab a big crap, your first success.