When we’re happy, we feel it in our body, like electricity, a warm fuzzy feeling flowing through our body 😉 . These are positive signals, good feelings in our body affirming that something good is happening inside.

In a similar way, our body also gives us signals when there is something wrong or something needs attention.

As a life coach, I meet clients who come to us for help with their problems. Problems at work or at home, or in their relationships. And some clients complain of physical ailments like headaches, back pains, insomnia etc. After exploring with the client, we find a strong connection between their problems and their physical ailments.

We need to listen for the whispers of our body. If we ignore these whispers, our body will scream at us and that may mean a trip to the hospital. Listen up.

What I describe below are examples of how some clients’ ailments had a direct link to their problems. I provide questions so that you could examine whether these apply to you.

Here are 6 signs that your body is craving for your attention. And what you must do about it.

1.)  Headaches

Sometimes this just means you are dehydrated. So go and drink some water. 🙂

Sometimes the headache is your body’s way of giving you a red flag.

Have you experienced having to attend a meeting and you get a headache? You’ve got to ask yourself. Is there a person in this meeting that I am avoiding, that I don’t want to see or talk to? Or is the topic of the meeting something that I prefer not to discuss? Whatever it is, you need to ask yourself: what do I need to face or own up to? What does this headache call me to finally address?

2.) Stiff neck

When you have a stiff neck, it could mean that you are being overly headstrong about something. You are resisting something, holding your ground for too long or too much. Think about it.

Is there something in your life that you disagree with passionately? What situation are you rejecting? What perspective are you avoiding?

What would happen if you accept the situation as part of the process of life? What do you need to accept more in your life? What do you need to allow more in your life?

When you accept and allow, you give your body space to relax and just be, thus relieving your stiff neck.

3.) Insomnia

This is your mind’s way of trying to solve a problem, whether acknowledged or denied. Insomnia is anxiety. It may also mean fear.

If only you ask yourself in total honesty: “What really keeps me awake at night?” You’ll know that you’re struggling with something and you haven’t learned to resolve it yet. Your insomnia is “busy work” without getting much work done.

When you examine your situation, you’ll discover that there is some action you need to do that will address your situation better. When you take that action, your mind won’t need to go into “busy work”.

Is there a letter you need to write and send? Do you need to make a call, finally have a conversation with someone? Is there a problem at work that you need help with? Or do you have a secret that could use some confiding in a safe friend?

Unless you take an alternative action, your mind will continue trying to do “busy work”, to the detriment of your body and mental health. Go take action!

4.) Shoulder pain

You know this term people use: “Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders”. That’s what shoulder pain and back pain is about.

Are you burdened by something? Is there a problem that is weighing you down? Are you trying to solve a problem all by yourself?

That leads to tension in your shoulder muscles. What do you need to do? Ask for help. Yes, you’re the type that doesn’t ask for help — well, that’s why you’ve got your shoulder pain. Go ahead and ask for help from someone. It will shift your mind from tackling the problem on your own, to allowing others to bear the weight of the problem.

5.) Allergies

Allergies are the body’s way to reject something. And yes, there are some specific allergens that trigger allergies. And I’ve also seen clients whose allergies are triggered by life events, for instance, needing to attend a recurring family reunion.

Is there something in your life that you are trying to get out of, or get rid of.

Look into your life. Is there a situation that you’ve been holding on to that you need to let go of. Are you in a toxic relationship that you need to end? Or in a stressful job role that you need to let go of? Are there habits that you continue even when you know they are harmful to you? You allergy could be your body’s way of telling you that you need to get rid of something in your life.

6.) Vertigo

Is there something you are trying to understand; but can’t? Stop trying to understand! Maybe your boss won’t give you the promotion. Maybe your husband left you. There is something that you don’t understand in life. And your attempt at trying to understand could be giving you vertigo.

Vertigo could be your confusion on steroids. What do you need to do? Do something so that you’ll understand better. Do you need to ask other people for insight? Do you need to research? Do you need to ask the person directly for an explanation? Do something.

Or Don’t.

Maybe all that needs to happen is accept that you do not understand, and be okay with it. I’ve seen that work for some clients. I’ve also seen that work in my life. I don’t need to understand everything now. I can choose to give myself time and space to understand in the future.

Next time your body is acting up, be totally honest with yourself. And ask yourself, what is this signal calling my attention to? What do I need to address?
Listen, your heart knows.
Coach Edwin

Image credits: Pixabay