The Struggles When You Are An Entrepreneur From Home

The whole reason I started writing seriously a couple of years ago was to learn to slowly balance work , home and family life. The reality though was highly unsettling. As I grew from a freelance writer into a full fledged entrepreneur I realized it was going to be a uphill battle.

Every time I started a new venue of my work, I not only encountered stumbles of failures but also, real problems in learning how to achieve the plan. The secret to it all, is goal setting.

It is not just the intricate balance of beginning work as soon as you open your eyes to when you close it. It is the in depth understanding of how to learn what you should be prioritizing. The reality of the many challenges we face in the basic goal setting come as –

Too Many Goals

When you are a budding artist/entrepreneur, your mind has fireworks going on within it. Every few hours you have a new idea that needs to be work on. In the beginning you start working on everything together. It is extremely important to write down all the ideas and give it time to simmer before you commit any real time to them.

Time Allotment

Unfortunately, a day has only 24 hours. If you are working on a dream, specially from home, you have to focus on your work + home + kids + husband + relationships simultaneously. The distractions are endless. It is important to have time allotted for every aspect. A planner is your best friend, reading it in the morning and writing in it before the night is essential.

Overwhelming Long Term Goals

You want to make the sales, get the leads, gain momentum on the page views etc. But all that comes, only after the baby steps. Focus on your short term goals first. Daily. Weekly. Monthly goals. All of it adds up, I promise.

Fear of Success

It is a real thing. We are scared of what it will finally happen when we do succeed. How will we manage the volume of sales or the God willing, the popularity. We are scared of even beginning the process for fear of what the outcome will be. It is important to remember that success for different people has different meanings. Write down your ultimate goal and put it up on the wall.

Not Focusing On Self

A big eye opener was the recent road trip I went on with my family. The real break made me realize that I was running myself dry and had too many threads in my hand. I had to give up on it. I started my work to find fulfillment but for me, my family comes first. But for my family, I come first. In the 24/7 treadmill, I had sub consciously been putting myself behind everything.

The entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a sprint. The secret is not going fast, but to keep moving forward.

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