cheap activities couples

With inflation on the rise, you may be on a budget. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve got a family of five and it costs money to get away. By the time we account for paying the babysitter, we often don’t want to spend money on other things.

If you’re in the same boat for whatever reason, here are five fun ways to connect with your partner without lots of money. And spoiler alert: they’re just as fun as doing expensive activities!

1. Make a couples vision board

When was the last time you truly considered your future. For many of us, the hustle and grind of daily life drown out our aspirations. This simple activity can bring the passion back to your days. And some drive to your relationship.

Not into a vision board? Try a couples bucket list instead!

2. Do a free challenge together

What are your shared goals now that you’ve made your vision board? Do a 30-day challenge together and incorporate that into your time together. Maybe you walk, discuss books, or learn about meditation. Whatever it is, you’ll benefit individually and together.

3. Explore fun questions

“Would you rather” and “never have I ever” questions never go out of style. Plus, you learn a lot about your partner’s preferences. When you get tired of these lighthearted questions, try out free personality quizzes online where you can discover your love language and more.

4. Plan your next vacation

Perhaps you can’t travel today or tomorrow. But where do you want to go next? We never have enough time to plan our get aways, but setting an intentional time can be both a date and a space to make reservations. (This does not have to be an expensive trip!)

5. Make a custom drink

Making a fancy meal is intimidating. But what about a custom drink? Personalize it to your tastes by experimenting with cocktails or coffees. But don’t forget to give it a special name. No one will be able to guess your secret ingredients and you’ll have the memory of an unforgettable date.

In Conclusion

When you get into a Netflix rut, these simple activities will get you out! Not only are they cheap (and in some cases free), but you’ll be giving your future a little forethought. Which is never a bad thing.

What cheap activities do you enjoy doing with your partner? Leave a comment and let me know! After all, the best things in life are free!