Virtual Speaking Events may be here to stay for quite some time as many live events have been put on hold or have transitioned over to virtual events.

Are you ‘Video Ready’ to perform your Virtual Keynote?

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Even if your business does not require you to speak from the stage, you still need to be the face to your brand and business.

Read this article here to learn the benefits of having YOU in the spotlight.

Video creates connection with your audience and will increase the likability of your business as well. People buy from people and in order to feel that connection, we need to give your business some personality. Preferably YOUR personality.

If you’re ready to get in front of the camera but feel stuck as you don’t want to come off as unprofessional or feel like you’re not ‘doing it right’ then please follow these checkpoints first or watch the video in this article.

Checkpoint #1 – Quality Camera (*see link below for recommendation)

Checkpoint #2 – Sound Quality

Checkpoint #3 – Background Distractions

Checkpoint #4 – Lighting

Checkpoint #5 – Strong Internet Signal

Perhaps you prefer to not showcase yourself but would rather showcase what you do and what goes on INSIDE your business. Think of it as an infomercial which is a great way to sell your products and services.

My Public Relations agency just produced a ‘behind the scenes’ video of my sister’s interior decorating business, Sooo Creative Designs. She can be introverted at times and would prefer not to create a lot of video marketing of herself, so I talked her into doing a showcase of what is going on behind the scenes as she creates her one of a kind interior decorating pieces.

See her video HERE for some inspiration of what is possible for your brand and business.

One more BONUS TIP: Talk to the camera as if it’s your best friend sitting there with you. The camera is a lot less intimidating if you envision it as a person or audience member.

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