1. Imposter Syndrome


Most women feel inadequate and not good enough for certain roles and positions they occupy. They hide, slip things through the door, rather coming through the door, shy away from speaking up and appear busy behind the scenes


When you do a remarkable work, talk about it at meetings and to your boss.
Ask to be enlisted in the team/company meeting agenda to showcase your work
Ensure you are the first 1-3 persons to speak or ask questions in a meeting

Note: As your work is being appreciated and acknowledged, you feel validated to be on the right track and your confidence is boosted.

2. Not Approaching Decision Making Appropriately


Most women feel the need to be liked and they usually fear being perceived as a bitch. To avoid that, they tend to ask everyone in the team permission to carry out an action or they solicit opinions from everyone before taking a decision.


When you need to make a decision, carry out the necessary research on the matter. Weigh the pros and cons. Pick the most suitable option then ask your team their feedback on your best option. By this you will get liked and respected.

Note: You need respect more than to be liked at work. Your leadership approach garners you the respect you need

3. Not Being Able to Negotiate


Most women accept no and give up.
Most women also feel that asking for some perks is asking for too much. By this they remain in positions than moving


When you get a no, ask a second and even possible a third time. The consistent request from you would make your boss or supervisor take you more seriously.
When negotiating, give something as you also take something. Always place a request and look for something to give back.

Note: No one gives you handouts at work, you need to take what you want.

4. Not Networking Enough


Most women feel the job they have will scale them through the career ranks on its own,
Most women feel that their CV today will still be relevant tomorrow.


You need to upgrade your CV yearly
You need to open social media accounts for visibility and pitches
You need to attend industry/sector events so that people get to know you and remember you when opportunities come up
You need to have contacts with recruitment agencies or know how to work with your mentors and sponsors for career advancement opportunities

Note: Its the people that you have established contact with, which would recommend you for openings and offers. You are as good as your network.

5. Becoming Complacent at Work


Most women feel a good job is enough. That the job will be forever and that the money gotten is guaranteed to last for long.
Most women dont self-develop, so when issues happen, they are confused on what next to do.


You need to validate your CV by applying for job. If you get an interview slot, you are good. If you dont get an interview slot, you need to improve
You need to find an alternative source of income; business, passive income generation etc
You need to start saving and investing. Investing is more important. Start today.

Note: Always live today with tomorrow in mind.