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Families today are BUSY. School events, after-school activities, and larger family and community gatherings are everywhere. And while they are fun to do, and teach valuable lessons, they often leave little time for the family to connect on a more nuclear level. I know we feel it all the time.

That’s why I’m sharing the daily rituals that work for us today. They are so important to our happiness that without a doubt, I can tell when we don’t do them. And when we do – I feel so much more connected to my kids and loving towards my husband.

Now, I don’t share to tell you what to do. I simply share in the hopes that you find useful tools for your own family, or even ways to stay connected with your partner in a world full of busyness and distraction. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see over the mountain of activity in our lives. And incorporating regular rituals will design a life for you that still includes what you value most.

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Family Dinners

First and foremost, family dinners are the one activity that we count on most days of the week to share and communicate. Without them, we’d be lost. With hectic schedules, this is our most crucial time, and no phones are allowed at the table due to how important it is.

Good & Grit

As an extension of our family dinner, we go around the table sharing our “good and grit” for the day. Everyone discusses one good thing that happened to them and one example of where they had to exhibit grit or determination to see something through.

I chose these for a reason: I want the kids to recognize the good in their lives and develop the skill of challenging themselves and following through when things get hard.

Morning Hugs

Next, our mornings used to be AWFUL. My daughter was always tired, cranky, and simply not a morning person. That’s when I instituted morning hugs and we’ve never looked back. Even on our worst mornings, a simple hug can turn the situation around (and scientifically releases feel-good chemicals). Plus, I know that whatever happens, at least they got a little love from me before they start their day.

Family Walks

On the days that we don’t have after-school activities, the whole family knows that we’ll be taking a walk on a nearby trail after dinner. It keeps us active, gives us relaxed time to talk, and helps us wind down before bed. It’s a win-win for all of us!

The After School Snack

Finally, because my husband and I are both blessed to work from home, one of us tries to spend a few minutes with the kids when they get home from school. It’s often the time when they are most willing to share about their day and open up. And it’s a quick 15-minute check-in that has a big impact considering it’s a small amount of time invested.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these everyday family activities. The truth is, kids grow up fast, and our opportunity to teach, influence, and love on them is short. So, be sure that you invest in the little moments with them that make you all a more loving and bonded family. And work to keep those digital distractions out while you are at it. It’s something you’ll never regret. Plus, the effort you put in with your family now will be rewards that you reap for life!

“There’s nothing that makes you more insane than family. Or more happy, or more exasperated, or more secure.” – Jim Butcher