routines that help you grow

To build a masterful life, we start with creating the best days we can. One day at a time. Generally, by way of amazing habits and rituals that bring us health, happiness, and impact. One day turns into another and before we know it, we’ve built a life we can be proud of.

It all starts with a single day.

So, check out these five essential rituals to build into your days for more prosperity, love, and growth.

1. Invest in Yourself

We all want crazy success and impact. The problem? Few people are willing to work on themselves to get there. The daily rituals of the best and brightest include lots of learning and personal development. It’s said that the average CEO reads at least 52 books in a year. It doesn’t matter what talents you start with as long as you’re willing to put in the work to grow.

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2. Set Goals

You’ll never know where you’re going if you have no direction. Take a moment every day to set ambitious goals and remember what you’re working towards. Even better, write them down in a journal daily. You’re WAY more likely to achieve them this way.

3. Commit to Family Dinners

Part of being successful is building strong relationships that keep us in balance. Remember, happiness is important too!

The best daily ritual for this is committing to a mealtime together with those you love. Make it fun with conversation starters, candlelight, or games. And be sure to put those screens in another room.

4. Include a Healthy Breakfast

You will never have true success and impact without caring for your health. Any sick person would give up their money and possessions for good health again. If you start each and every day with nutritious fuel, you ensure that at least the front end of your day is taken care of. Make it easy and do the same breakfast daily, like a smoothie, eggs, or oats with nuts. 

5. Live to be Helpful

So many people live only for themselves. But, you want to know the best way to be successful? Live to make an impact. Decide every morning that you will help someone today through your work or personal life. When you strive to serve others, the income and success will follow. 

In Conclusion

We often think of success and impact in terms of money, but that’s only partially true. How will people remember you when you die? Were you kind? Did you take the time to be present with your children? Did you take care of yourself?

Don’t forget the big picture: we only have a limited time on earth. Be successful and impactful, but be happy too. They all go hand in hand.