“You know it won’t be easy.” — Betty Roberts

Haunting words from a woman living in the wrong era. Someone who understands what it takes to thrive when others barely survive.

How could a ghost mentor pass along inspiring wisdom for transforming your business fate?

The 1950s suffocated the passions of ambitious women.

Grandma worked in the University cafeteria. Earning income for her birth family took priority over her winning scholarship. She served her cousin and former classmates. Staring at armfuls of books she’d never read. Learning about higher education through stories instead of classroom experiences. Marrying a controlling husband transformed Grandma’s dream.

Grandma had an unstoppable mindset. Destined to help everyone she could. Admired by people changed by her presence.

Her soul has many qualities that people in business benefit from. Uncover these through memories and story episodes. Then take on 5 dares to see beyond your reality.

Until you step ‘outside your head’ –you won’t become self-aware. Impeding your business fate.

“You know it won’t be easy.” — Betty Roberts

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How to Brave Difficult Situations

What I perceived

Our paperboy stood in the doorway, ratting on my 6-year old self and two girlfriends. He’d tagged along with us in the alley. Chatting with the oldest friend while we puffed cigarettes.

After a severe punishment, Grandma sent my parents a message. “Keri took up smoking. Habit stopped, right away.”

Weeks later, I overheard Grandma retell my caught smoking episode. Just like her message –clear, concise and objective. Then, she listened.

The hidden story

Grandma avoided gossip, belittling, judging, criticizing and shaming. Her husband wouldn’t tolerate negative language. He wasn’t interested in drama over daily frustrations. He insisted on daily news reports. Grandma mastered diffusing his anger.

1st dare from Grandma

Step inside another person’s shoes when braving a difficult situation. Listen. Find out what the person perceives about the situation. While communicating from their point of view — watch their emotions lower.

Which Qualities are More Noble than Titles?

What I perceived

Keeping up with Grandma, she exchanged friendly interactions. Staff looked up from paperwork and phones. Doctors and nurses rushing toward us stopped to chat. Expressions on patients’ faces changed when speaking with Grandma.

The hidden story

For seven years –Grandma visited patients and staff almost every day. Grandpa’s Alzheimer state became too dangerous to care for at home.

Grandma loved her role. Present for staff and patient interactions. She didn’t need a prestigious position for earning value and respect.

2nd dare from Grandma

Soon after talking or exchanging emails with people important for your business –reflect how others perceive your communication. Think about your qualities that people enjoy, appreciate and value. Ask someone to observe your communication and compare thoughts.

What’s Vital for Solving Higher Level Problems?

What I perceived

Standing on a downtown street corner. My brother and I beside Grandma and behind two ladies wearing ultra short skirts. Living a sheltered life, I had no idea what they did for a living. Surrounded by shouts of profanity, Grandma sounded confident. “Keep walking. Look ahead. They won’t bother us.”

The hidden story

That night, my RCMP uncle didn’t hide his shock. “You took them WHERE?!!!”

Because Grandma strived to understand people –her intuition removed her fear of strangers. Respecting others eliminated judging and discriminating. Grandma’s lifelong learning was through the underlying stories of people she met.

3rd Dare from Grandma

Being in business means facing higher level problems neither you nor your network can solve. Become open-minded to learning and discovering from everyone you encounter. Go beyond superficial conversations. Expand your perception and reality. What might they know and perceive that could benefit you?

What Inspires Courageous Growth?

What I perceived

Trailing along Grandma’s routine of brisk walks, transit rides, and hauling home bags of food and household supplies. She initiated conversations with everyone we encountered.

Eager to help Grandma.

Leaning from the top wooden stair, I raised my arms. Focused on pressing my hands against the shelf above. No railings separated the dark concrete floor below.

The hidden story

Not having her driver’s license didn’t stop Grandma’s independence. She ventured wherever she needed to go. Having a controlling spouse didn’t diminish Grandma’s confidence. As she got to know and care about people –Grandma impacted their lives. Fulfilling her passion inspired her courage.

4th Dare from Grandma

As someone in business, you won’t survive without ongoing courageous growth.

Finding a purpose or vision inspires your courage. Develop a habit of focusing on your vision, and exiting your comfort zone.

Where does Inner Strength Live?

What I perceived

Our final visit.

Grandma welcomed one of my clients into her home. Travel adventures and challenges with a man in a wheelchair captivated Grandma. She had a gift for perceiving the best of people’s abilities. Shifting disabilities to the background.

The hidden story

Grandma’s married life was filled with hardships.

Grandpa had a wicked temper. He almost burnt down their house after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. His spirit returned to haunt their home. The debilitating disease, ALS took Grandma’s life. Somehow, her vibrant sole blurred her pains.

5th Dare from Grandma

Listen to stories of how people became mentally stronger than their toughest pains. Able to outlast challenges and help others. Copy how they trained their mind to become resilient.

How could someone without higher education, training or a business background thrive right now in business?

By considering another person’s perspective when communicating about difficult situations.

Through strengthening qualities people enjoy, appreciate and value.

By opening their mind to learning from everyone encountered.

From developing a habit for leaving comfort zones.

From training their mind to become resilient.

Grandma’s spirit resides in this golden era for innovative business.

A ghost mentor daring us to exceed our potential. Along the journey, encouraging us to share lessons through stories. Passing along what we’ve learned through narrative experiences. So, others immerse in experiential learning — including future generations.

When struggling with business adversities, haunting words resonate.

“You know it won’t be easy.” — Betty Roberts

I double dare you to share if you’ve tried seeing yourself from outside your perspective.

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