The dating game can be hard and if you are a newbie to this game, it can become even trickier. Every relationship is different and the duration will entirely depend on the chemistry between you and your girl, and how you accept each other’s flaws. But, it all starts with a date. To find someone who thinks in the same direction, you can dive into the online dating pool where you’ll find people from across the globe and even white people dating sites.

Though you’ll find a way to make your date work, knowing few things like who should make the first move, where to go on a date, to kiss or not etc. can help you avoid awkward situations and will make your date a perfect one.

Europeans usually don’t go on a date with complete strangers; instead, they prefer going with the people who are in their circle or are friends of friends or they have met before at least once.

Though there aren’t any rigid rules of dating, here are few tips for single men around Europe to impress women on their first dates.

Making the first move:

For Europeans, dating is a game of chase. If you are interested in someone, make the first move and talk by making an eye contact. If the girl will be interested, she will clearly say yes! But if not, she won’t say No, rather she will move or ignore your request. Take the girl’s step as a denial and don’t force her. Girls in the Europe are quite romantic and passionate. So if you really like a girl, don’t’ be shy and reserved, take the opportunity and make the first move.

Where to take your date:

A very important yet complicated thing is to decide where to take your partner on a date. In Europe, rather than going on a candle-light dinner date, couples love to know each other first. So instead of making it extravagant, keep it casual and simple. You can take your ladylove for a long evening walk followed by drinks or dinner. Or you can even meet in groups with friends.

Be date-ready:

Europeans are very fashion-conscious. So if you are thinking to wear casual tees with track-pants, then leave it; they won’t work. A proper casual wear will be the best if you are going on a date. Also, Europeans are quite direct and believe in being straightforward. They don’t say things just to be nice and are definitely not over-polite. So if you fail to impress the girl, be ready to face the truth.

Compliment her, laugh and make her feel comfortable:

When it comes to complimenting women, European men are the lords. But if you are not the one, you can learn. Just a small effort and the ball will be in your court. Make sure that your date feels comfortable. Don’t try to hurt her by raising sensitive topics. Be calm, make her laugh and let her feel relaxed and comfortable.

Be sensitive to cultural differences:

European women come from different cultures, so before going on a date, do some research about your girl to know a bit of her culture. Discuss with her and see if she is comfortable with this or not. If she is having difficulty discussing things, change the topic, don’t spoil your date.

So these were a few tips that you can keep in mind when dating in Europe. But before going on a date, it’s important to fix one with somebody you share the same views with; otherwise, things can go down the hill too. There are many interracial and white-only dating sites where you can find a preferable match. Hope these tips will help you meet your dream girl.