Leah Wilson Freelance Writer, Expert Manifestor and Budgeting Expert

Life isn’t easy for me. I am a mother of three girls, a four year old and two year old twins. One of my twin girls is legally blind. I also have a disability, which means I can’t do some things as well as others.

I do however, have a real knack for manifesting and budgeting my money, and over the years have developed my skills in this area.  I blow the minds of my team and mentors regularly, with how resourceful I can be. I’d love to share some of those tips with you now.

So, here are my easy to follow steps on how to start a budget today.

Step 1 – Write Down All That’s Due For The Entire Month

The very first thing I do is write down all the bills that are due that month. This gives you a clear picture of where the money needs to go.  With a look at this big picture, you’ll get a good idea of what’s coming up. 

This will make you feel in control of the situation because you’ll know exactly what coming in the near future.  It’s also good so you can make sure the bills get paid and you are not spending your money on other stuff. 

Step 2 – Divide your bills list up so that you are only looking at what needs to be paid by your next pay day.

To beat overwhelm and feelings of depression setting in, it’s good to divide the bills into what needs to be paid now, and what can wait till next payday. This will give you weekly, or two weekly amounts and could make the big goal seem more manageable.

It can also help you to reduce the stress you may be feeling and help you to keep on track. This will help you to feel in control and feel really good about yourself.

Step 3 – Work Out What You’ll Need For The Essentials.

Buying food and fuel for your family is a must.  This is also an area that you can overspend on big time.  You do have to eat though.  So make sure, when working out your weekly bills to pay, you include your food bills and other essentials as well. This included nappies and wipes etc. All the things you cannot do without during the week.

I have a great system in place to help you reduce the cost of these.  If you’d like more details on my system then reach out. I will happily share that with you.

Step 4 –  Make a list of all income coming in.

You now have a good idea of the bills you have to pay by next payday, and even beyond. We can now work out what income you have coming in.

This can include all salaries, government payments, child support, income from hobbies, income from a second job or some other income stream you may have.

Step 5 – Put any remaining money away in an online savings account.

This way, you can have that “rainy day” money just in case.  It’s also a great way to be able to save up for such things as outings and holidays in the future.  I do my best to put money in this every week, and I make it a priority to not “dip into it” unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If you follow these five simple and easy steps, you are going to feel great because you’ll be paying your bills and debts on time.  You’ll feel happy, and feel like you are really accomplishing good things.

This will allow you to be less stressed, because you won’t be scrounging around to pay bills. You’ll also feel more confident, knowing you are in control of your money.  You’ll feel the satisfaction of knowing you met your commitments easily.

You’ll then be able to work on your abundance mindset, rather than living with the scarcity that you may have lived with in the past.

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