It's time to simplify

Whether you’re in charge of managing a family or managing a workplace (or both!)–life can feel chaotic. Add in an unclean house, disorganized car or packed to the max social schedule and you now feel overwhelmed and overstimulated. 

You think, ‘how can I make my life easier?’ “How can I make my life more simple?”

Well lucky for you, there are actionable steps you can take to answer your questions! These five ways to simplify your life may sound simple, but they’ll be life-changing when you combine them with your dedication to bettering your life.

  1. Declutter 

When you are surrounded by stuff it can feel like you’re never going to catch up. The kitchen will always be messy, your desk is out of order and your mind is overstimulated to even know where to start. Get rid of the excess. Get rid of the things that are keeping you from doing the things you actually want to do. Make the space to breathe.

Tip: Start with a box for donations, a box to sell, and a bag for trash. 

Just getting started is a big step, so to help you get going check out this easy-to-follow minimalism challenge with a free printable. Or try the decluttering checklist for your home.

  1. Meal Prep

If you’re always scrambling to get out the door or hate making the meal plans for everyone, then this is the one for you! Meal prepping will alleviate the stress throughout the week of deciding what you’re taking for lunch or if you need to make another grocery run. Everything you need will already be prepared and packaged for you to grab and go. 

Tip: schedule one day of the week to buy, prepare and store all your foods.

  1. Say No

When you are constantly busy, when will you have the time to enjoy your life? Are you doing the things that add value to your life or are you just go go go to keep the world spinning? It’s okay to say no to that friend who asked you to dinner. It’s okay to say no to the neighbor who needs you to watch their dog for the hundredth time this month. You don’t have to always say ‘no’, just sometimes so you have your own time. 

  1. Limit Social Media

Sure, social media has its advantages–there’s connection and community–but there’s also a lot of noise. Sounds of comparisons, expectations, and perfectionism. Our own thoughts can be noisy enough so we don’t need the impressions of random people to clutter our minds as well. However you need to do it (cold turkey, alarms, scheduled online times), you’ll be thankful that you now have the free time in your life to do whatever you want instead of mindlessly scrolling the lives of others. 

  1. Unplug

It might be unplugging from technology or deciding to leave your work at work or removing the relationship drama from your life. Take a step back from the things that are consuming you. Unplug from the strongholds that are making you unhappy. When you can identify and remove these things from your life, you’ll find the time, energy and joy you’ve been looking for. 

Some of these helpful ways to simplify your life may be harder than you originally think but you’ll soon realize and see the positive impact these steps have on your life.