Homeschooling Tips for Young Children

Homeschooling may appear something completely new to you. But, don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the idea of homeschooling. Infact you’ll definitely be able to relate this concept as we all are crossing this COVID 19 pandemic situation which has already impacted our education system deeply not just in our country but for the whole world.

So, what actually homeschooling is ?

To concise the idea for you in a smooth brief, homeschooling is a way of providing education to the children at their very own homes instead of sending them to traditional public or private schools. 

But why do families choose this completely different path to educate their children?

Well, there can be multiple reasons for parents to choose home-schooling for a variety of reasons like:

  • Not being satisfied with the traditional decades old curriculum.
  • Different religious beliefs compared to schooling systems.
  • Not satisfied with the educational values kept by schools and other educational institutions.
  • Need to implement a different approach of learning and growing for their children.
  • And of course, in case of a Pandemic situation, where sending children to attend school is completely out of the question…

Did you know that home-schooling belongs to as early as the 1970s ? 

Home-schooling being an idea of about more than 5 decades old is still rarely considered by Indian parents, but why ? The reason could be, that in India our beliefs are a bit tough to mould when it comes to career planning.

But as the COVID pandemic crossed us, this situation and never-ending uncertainty has put our beliefs on hold. 

It’s been more than a year passed since this COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and still, we’re not certain about when things will be getting back on track. Especially for the education systems. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that this pandemic has brought a very big change to the way education is being considered in India and the good thing is that we adapted to this change really fast. 

Talking about Rajasthan, It was interesting to see how fast our traditional education systems went online and how ahead we’re today when it comes to providing quality education online to students not only in tech resources rich cities of Rajasthan but to developing cities like Sikar.

We all now know that Sikar is the second largest education hub in India after Kota. No doubt, from being a not so popular name in the education domain to emerging as the second largest education hub in less than a decade proves that Sikar has travelled an outstanding success journey so far. In the whole country, Sikar stood brilliantly strong in nurturing national level rank holders and high achievers. Sometimes this feels like a wonder that a legacy is built, whenever a result is declared for any national level exam, students from Sikar destined to have their names on top the list. 

This transition phase was a bit difficult for all academic institutions especially for those who are active in cities like Sikar. However, there are some institutions that were putting some serious efforts in making best quality teaching online from years before even this COVID pandemic hit us. The name that came strongly first for providing the best possible digital education in Rajasthan was Matrix High School. Matrix High School stays on the top ranks for the best school in Sikar. Thanks to their vision that was crystal clear in providing excellence on both digital and traditional offline teaching platforms. And no this is not a commercial statement, if you are a JEE Aspirant, you can visit their YouTube page and watch their tutorials taught by IITians. We must say that the videos are stuffed with exceptional quality content. 

As the education and teaching trend is evolving in India. Many Indian parents are changing the beliefs and trying to provide the best education to their children digitally. 

Today, we’re sharing top 5 effective home-schooling tips for young children to make the best out of the Digital education:

Creating a daily study schedule:

Traditional schooling systems have an advantage that they plan a strict schedule for their students. In schools, students are used to having pre-scheduled academic routines for their classes and other extra co-curricular activities. But, when it comes to digital learning, we all have seen that students are largely inclined towards another level of comfort in their homes, isn’t it ?. and this makes their dedication to study shrink like anything. 

Of Course there are some drawbacks to digital learning like lacking strict teacher supervision, doubt solving problems and exam fear to study, but digital learning combined with an home-schooling attitude can be a game changer for every student.

Creating a fixed daily study schedule is the very first thing that must be implemented to bring home-schooling to success. You need to plan your day routines the way it is done in schools. Make a subject wise timetable first, your lunch breaks and other activities like games and art for an example. Following your timetable with complete dedication can do miracles for your academic success.

Setup a learning environment at your home:

As our parents always said “you can’t study on bed, or even near to it” and this stays the hard truth that we have experienced many times in our life. So, leave the comfort first. We suggest you create an environment that is suitable to study. Take a room corner and set up our study table there, a dedicated space will help you to concentrate well.

Gathering all required digital study resources:

This is important and must be done in a planned way. We suggest you make a plan in advance subject wise as per your timetable. Make sure that your study topics list is checked and all resources, notes and videos are gathered before you sit for studying. We highly recommend you to not waste your time roaming on the internet and wasting your time on other useless things like suggested comedy videos on Youtube. Otherwise, you can definitely utilise resources like YouTube to add value and convenience in your study quality.

Don’t forget to have fun:

Home activities are great in helping you to learn and develop new skills. Considering this pandemic situation, you can play indoor games, there are literally loads of options that you can choose as per your interest. But, kindly note that asking you to consider indoor games as a fun activity after studies we’re not suggesting you to put your energy and brain to fire by playing mobile and PC games for hours. Playing games on screens won’t help you in your mindful development and health. Spending time with your parents and having quality time can be a nice option to include in your daily routines.

 Learn new skills:

Home-schooling is considered a better option as it provides a big flexibility for academic choices to children. Learning high demand skills from a very basic level can definitely contribute to your tremendous success. You can choose coding, art, designing, music and tons of other options that suits your budding ambitions. 


In the beginning days, for students and for parents home-schooling can be a bit challenging but it will sink into your lives as you practice it daily with a timetable. Please remember that Home-schooling can be considered as an option to live an academic life and educate yourself in your terms, but only if it has a motive and a vision with dedication.