Working from home

 It is becoming challenging to manage workers in the current business world. You could be no exception. The current conditions could have forced you to adopt the work from home policy amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The disease is highly contagious hence the need to have people work from home. As a manager, therefore, you are forced to look for ways that will help you in boosting employees’ productivity as they work remotely. 

However, working from home is a new concept for most businesses. Therefore, you need to invest in finding actionable ways that can work effectively. If you are looking for such, look no further. This article discusses successful tips.

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1.   Encourage designated workspace for the employees

Work hand in hand with your staff in setting up a convenient workspace for them at their respective homes. As a manager, you should encourage your employees to set a designated room or workspace. Working from an inconvenient place such as a living room significantly reduces employees’ productivity. 

The chances of being interrupted by house members and television programs are high.  They might fail to focus on their work. Therefore, they should consider setting a quiet and calm space with fewer disruptions. Such would provide a good environment.

Therefore, the management should support and advise the workers to set a conducive workspace. A professional environment will significantly help in boosting employees’ productivity.  Besides, they should conduct random video calls to check if the workers are following those guidelines.

2.   Equip your team members with efficient and adequate technology

When employees work remotely, they do not get the chance to interact with their colleagues. They tend to be isolated from one another. This means that essential consultation is almost impossible.

But, this problem can be solved by incorporating efficient technology and tools. You should provide your staff with the necessary tools they require. These tools include communication technology that will enable them to connect and interact with one another.

For instance, they should have the necessary technology to conduct video calls and video conferencing. After all, effective communication is a crucial way of boosting employees’ productivity.

3.   Demand daily reports from the employees

The demand for regular report will compel the staff to work hard on their tasks. So, you should request for employees’ daily summary of the jobs they have finished. These results should meet or even exceed the targets.  You can follow up on their progress as to keep them on their toes. Besides, it will minimize cases of idleness and laziness. Tracking progress and results is a critical way ofboosting employees’ productivitywhich will further increase your business’s profitability.

Nevertheless, you should not make the employees feel too much pushed. There should be an understanding between them to ensure fairness and some sense of freedom among the workers.

Besides, you can offer rewards to the workers who meet or exceed the set targets. This will motivate them to work even harder and the rest of the workers would also follow suit.

4.   The management should hold regular virtual meetings with their employees

Given the advanced technology available today, holding an online meeting is very easy. Virtual meetings are also cost-effective and convenient in these times of pandemic.


 The managers should organize virtual meetings with their employees regularly. This is to ensure that they are well updated on matters concerning the organization. These meetings are also crucial as the employees will get useful information and guidelines that they may need while working remotely.

They can use various techniques to conduct remote meetings, for example:

a) The different common online meeting avenues

For instance, they can conduct videoconferencing, teleconferencing, and web conferencing.

b) Zoom

Also, they could use zoom, a very convenient and friendly platform for holding virtual formal meetings.

These meetings are very significant in boosting employees’ productivity. This is because they will stay informed and updated with the necessary techniques and methods.

5.     Support your employees emotionally and offer general assistance when required

Employees will need a lot of support from the management as they work from home. The employees may find it challenging to adapt to the new working conditions and, at the same time, deliver the expected goals. This may be overwhelming. Therefore, the management should occasionally offer emotional support to their employees.

 They should create a friendly and encouraging atmosphere as they interact with their employees. The management should avoid causing distress. They can create time and a platform where employees can share out their opinions and their experiences as they work from home.

Apart from emotional support, the management should always be available for their workers in case they need assistance.

Supporting employees will prevent any barriers that may interfere with their working capabilities. It will thus help in boosting employees’ productivity.


Given the prevailing conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies and businesses have no choice but to adopt the work from home policy. All the same, profitability, which is the primary goal for all companies, must be achieved.

Human resources are the major contributors to the success of any business. The management should, therefore, prioritize in ensuring that the workers are functioning correctly. Therefore, managers should be keen on adopting all the necessary techniques to boost the employees’ productivity.