We often start our days with a lot of motivation regarding getting everything done on the to-do list. But many times we get disappointed after realizing that we were not able to complete most of the tasks on that ever-growing list.

This can become a serious issue if you’re not able to consistently tick off the majority of the tasks. That’s why I’m covering 5 creative ways which will help you to get stuff done and improve your productivity.

1. Limit your distractions

One of the major reasons why many people fail to complete their tasks is distraction. They sit down to do the work and some way or another, they get distracted. Their productivity just goes downhill after that.

In order to stay focused on your work at hand, you need to minimize distractions as much as possible. These distractions can be anything from your phone notifications, children playing outside, TV sound, or even hunger!

It’s always a good idea to limit your phone notifications and to sit in a relatively quiet place. Also, make sure to eat something so you don’t have to get up later due to being hungry.

2. Stay organized

Have a clear idea of all the things that you need to complete today. Go through your to-do list and cut off any task that is not important or relevant to what you plan to accomplish on that day.

Gather all the necessary stuff like documents, notebook, pens, markers, your laptop. etc before you sit down to work. This will help you to stay organized and complete your tasks with ease.

Another way of staying organized is by taking up one task at a time. Multi-tasking a big no if you want to actually get things done.

3. Stick to your to-do list

While it’s important to create a list with all the work that needs to get done, it’s more important to actually stick to that list.

Many people tend to switch tasks in-between and because of this, they are never able to check off many tasks. Let’s say if you get an awesome idea for your next side-project or you suddenly remember that you forgot to order groceries, don’t abandon the task at hand. Instead, write it down in a notebook so that you can get back at it after you’ve finished your work.

Here’s a great quote that I read on the internet –

Starve your distractions, feed your focus.

Daniel Goleman

4. Take short breaks

After you have checked off a considerable number of tasks from your list, it’s time for a short break.

Breaks are essential if you want to work for longer hours. This is mainly because when we keep working without taking any breaks, it can affect our eyesight and posture. To avoid such physical damage, take quick breaks in-between. Walk and move around a bit.

This will also refresh your exhausted mind and freshen your mood. Just make sure that you get back to work and stay in the flow.

5. Make sure you’re well-rested

A proper bedtime is quite necessary if you want to stay focused and get things done. Many people underestimate the importance of sleep but research has shown that a proper amount of sleep can boost your productivity.

If a person gets an adequate amount of sleep, then they are more focused and are better at performing tasks. Thus, they tend to get more things done and feel satisfied with their work.

Taking quick power naps of 15 minutes can also do the trick if you hadn’t had enough sleep the day prior to work.

Well, that’s pretty much all tips I have got for boosting your productivity. I would love to read what you think about these in the comments.