What is stopping you from being the best possible version of yourself? What is stopping you from growing, evolving and expanding to your maximum potential?

There’s a bunch of ‘enemies’ floating around, prohibiting you from thriving. The difficult part to admit is – you allow your enemies to take the reigns. You can, at any moment, take the reigns back, cast your enemies to the side and ride with wild abandon as your most successful, loving and abundant self.

First things first though, know the five greatest enemies to personal growth:


You doubt whether you’re capable, whether you’re worthy, whether you will succeed, and whether you deserve to. Doubt consumes you, and unless you face it square on and stop running away from it, it will continue to prevent you from advancing in your life. The truth is, you won’t be able to rid your life of doubt forever – you are human after all! – but you can decide to pursue your desires and dreams in spite of doubt. This is the essence of courage: Trusting and believing in the presence of doubt.NO2


Brendon Burchard says: “Most people awake with a dream in their mind but they let that dream die in the daylight. They have the dream at night and it dies in the day because they take no action towards it, because they’re fooling themselves that maybe someday I’ll get to that.”

You don’t want to be regretful for all you didn’t do at the end of your life because you delayed acting upon what you wanted to do.

So what are you waiting for? What are you going to start today?NO3


Division is that part of us that believes that we are separate from others. It’s the part that forgets the reality that humanity is all united by a common energy, a common force, and a common purpose to thrive and survive.

When you forget this, life looses its meaning. When you are not connected to others, you are not connected to yourself. And you’re certainly no longer connected to God, the Universe, the Creator – whatever your derivative.

To bridge the divide, be kind, ask others how they are, listen to their stories, show compassion and build new relationships. And smile. Always smile to a passing stranger.NO4


Your environment, whether you realise it or not, is crucial to your personal growth. The physical location and how it makes you feel (Maybe stressed? Maybe overwhelmed? Or perhaps relaxed and grounded?), and the people you share the space with – including your family, friends, colleagues, even the people on the bus – contribute to your happiness and wellbeing in this space. If the environment you are in is challenging, distracting or plain negative, consider you’re options and make some changes. Even baby steps to begin with.NO5


When you’re run off your feet and you hear yourself saying ‘I just don’t have the time’ more than you care to admit, you my friend, are living the reality of the ‘no time and space’ enemy. When you have no time and space for you, you have no time or space to integrate all you are learning. This is how you grow personally – by constantly taking stock of the lessons and assimilating them into your life. Change can only take place when you take action to answer this question: How can you create more time and space in your life?

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  • Rebecca Sparks

    Confidence Coach | Human Behavior Expert | Founder of The Daily Guru

    As a coach, it’s my job to connect you with your true self; to help you remove internal & external roadblocks, whilst building awareness around your identity, core needs, self-confidence and your life goals. I do this by getting to know you. By holding up a mirror to your internal beliefs & default thinking and by helping you unravel the challenges which have arisen in your life & to help you move forward. I help you look at life with a fresh perspective. To identify where you want to be, what’s holding you back and to then help you move forwards. I have always seen Growth and Development as vital parts of anyone’s health and happiness and also one of the most rewarding experiences we can all embrace.