In an interview with Danelle Delgado, she shared some important life and entrepreneurial lessons she learned on how to be resilient and successful despite the challenges that life may throw at you.

1. It’s never too late to learn something new.

After losing her job as a copywriter when the company she was working for closed during the 2008 recession, Danelle Delgado was burdened by financial difficulties that threatened her marriage.

With a degree in education and a successful career in teaching that all changed after she focused on her family life, finding a new job in a different field may seem arduous. She persevered and eventually landed a job in sales but she admitted she “was the worst salesperson in the world”.

The first step was to admit your shortcomings then commit to doing something about it: “I knew that I needed to get good, for I was not. I began to study. Sales, everything I could. Every human I knew in the business, I called, connected to, studied, listened in on their sales calls, took notes, watched their every move, and began to grow” said Danelle Delgado.

2. Take advantage of do-overs.

After hitting her rock bottom, she committed herself that she would strive to improve her situation because she never wanted her kids to experience another Christmas penniless. This was when she dedicated her time to learning how to be a better salesperson. “I was in the middle of a divorce, no Christmas was going to happen, 100% defeated as a mom… that was it. I was committed to never let this be my story”, stated Danelle Delgado.

Numerous times, Danelle Delgado succeeded, only to fail again due to various circumstances out of her control, but she never gave up, she never wallowed in self-pity. Instead she harnessed the feeling of failure and made it her springboard to rise to the occasion and start over.

3. Life is short. Take risks.

No matter how successful you are in your business, slowing down to focus on your health is essential.

Danelle Delgado’s immune system suffered as she was undergoing treatment for complications on her thyroid and adrenal glands. After coming out of illness, with large medical bills and no insurance, coupled with slow business sales, Danelle Delgado resolved on another life lesson: “with my health constantly testing my limits, I learned how short life is, and I became willing to risk for a great reward and win in very short timelines.”

Soon after, her platform grew through her online courses and retreats around the globe. She wrote a best-selling book that attracted VIP clientele who wanted help in monetizing their businesses and has become a globally sought afterlife and business coach on how to build influence and brands online.

4. Learn to give back.

In all her successes, Danelle Delgado has always remained true to her resolution of giving back. She’s adamant about helping others achieve the same success that she had. “It is all about what good can I do, so I can do more good” according to Danelle Delgado.

Furthermore,Danelle Delgado reiterated “My entire purpose has been, work so hard we can give like crazy. I live it. I teach it. When we train enough people to win, we also must train them what to do with it. Giving needs to be as much our instinct as winning.”

5. Know your value.

Danelle Delgado emphasized that success in entrepreneurship is not just about winning in business rather it starts with winning an internal battle. Winning this battle can lead a person to success in most aspects of one’s life. According to her, the battle is knowing one’s truth, “what they stand for, their mission, vision, and values. When they know their value, none can take it away. Once they deliver that value, then and only then can they begin to connect with other people of value, and their ascent will accelerate.”

Danelle Delgado certainly is no stranger to the succession of rises and falls that life brings. What sets her apart from those who have been defeated by failures is that she never remains stagnant. Her intrepidity kept her moving onwards and upwards, and that is what she is keen to teach her clients who want to succeed in entrepreneurship and life in general.

Danelle Delgato is dedicated to helping more women find their truest purpose and live the life they intended.

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