It is becoming harder and harder to have clarity in an era where there are so many distractions. Having lucid thoughts free of ambiguity helps keep you on track and move closer to your goals. Clearing out the toxicity in your life helps bring about clarity. Making life minimalistic, cutting out the void and extra noise helps bring clarity. 


It’s a great virtue to have and something one can always work towards. It is important to have a conducive environment where you are able to concentrate.  Putting away electronics, making it a common practice and making it a routine are great ways to help strengthen your concentration. The more you do it the more your ability to seize the zone of concentration. Practices such as Meditation are great. Studies show as you do more mediation it creates new neurological pathways to help increase concentration. 


Putting yourself out there when you’re uncomfortable is being courageous. Growth lies in moments of discomfort and where courage is at play. A healthy mindset needs growth otherwise stagnation occurs. Do things that cause you to come out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to try new things and be in scenarios you would not be otherwise. 


Being calm goes hand in hand with having a healthy Mindset. Distractions and disruptions can compromise one’s calm but working towards a life with an abundance of  zen and calmness promotes good health for your mind, body and soul. To achieve this, make a routine that cultivates calmness in your life. Such things can be taking a 10-minute walk, writing in a journal and speaking time with your loving pet. 


Having compassion ignites affection, attachment and a fervor for something that is special to you. It provides purpose and meaning to life. Find an activity that brings out your passion. It can be as simple as donating blood and saving lives or initiating a cause most dear to you.