Eyebrow Threading

The ancient Indian hair removal technique/threading art is the secret behind many an elegantly arched eyebrow-when properly done, it can create natural-looking yet groomed brows that remain that way longer than tweezing or waxing like, as explained by the experts at blink brow bar:

“When forming brows, threading enables power to ensure perfectly sculpted eyebrows. To glide over the skin, a cotton thread is used, removing excess hair as it does so. Not only that, but every single hair through its root is grabbed and teased by the thread, leaving a cleaner finish with longer lasting results. The effects are incredibly neat and perfectly symmetrical eyebrows that can pull your face away for years.

For a cause, as the founder of Suman Brows and threading authority Suman Jalaf confirms, Major claims to make, but threading has been doing the rounds for centuries:

Threading gives you a whole lot more flexibility than most types of facial hair removal. I can see precisely which hairs are being taken out, and it is phenomenal to have the description and consistency you are left with. Threading twists the hair from the root and exfoliates all of it in one, making the effect much longer with slower regrowth (minimum of two to three weeks, five to six if you’re lucky).’

So far, so nirvana’s brow. What could go wrong, potentially? As long as you adhere to the five threading commandments that follow, probably nada…

1. Don’t attempt this at home

If you’re a regular threader, you’ll probably already be on this, and whilst the pros do their own, it is not recommended to thread your own eyebrows/ chin/ upper lip, not to mention that if you’re highly dextrous, it will be a logistical nightmare. Visit a reputable salon or brow bar to make sure your brow technician is thoroughly qualified and experienced-check where they have been trained, how long they have been in the company and be alert to how attentive your therapist is. Consider bolting to get thee to a good-un if they’re not telling you about your medical background, past beauty and cosmetic procedures or inquiring about whether you’ve had threading before. In particular, we score blink brow bar, Suman Brows, Shavata and Vaishaly for threading. Combine, ask to see certificates and make sure you feel fully relaxed before letting threading begin via online reviews. It’s just not worth the time, discomfort or money to have a botched forehead, skin infection or both. Talking about which…


This is not just about the therapist’s tools, as Suman points out:

With unwashed hands, you can never go into a threading session. Dirt and dust from commuting sticks to your hands during the day, and when you are forced to pull back your skin during a threading procedure, grime and bacteria are transferred to your skin, which can at best lead to breakouts and worse infections.

The hygiene drive doesn’t end with your hands-Suman is a non-germy info sticker:

I make sure that I cleanse my customers with the thread I use. All day long, I spritz sanitising spray, but particularly before I put the thread in contact with each and every inch of skin.

Make sure that the thread used is sterilized before the treatment begins and that the area being threaded has been thoroughly washed. For hygiene purposes, I usually wear a face mask during treatments, and I have learned to thread with my hands while in India, rather than the traditional method of placing the string in your mouth. I don’t want to risk having my saliva on the thread,

It shouldn’t go anywhere near your face if it’s not sterile. That’s a rule for life, probably.

3. DO NOT book appointments during your monthly cycle.

One word: ouch. Anyone who has had threading would tell you that it’s a strange ‘rippy’ sensation. Not painful per se, but if you book in for a threading session during a crazy PMS episode or similar, it may be even more tender than at other periods of the month, due to the fact that during the menstrual and premenstrual phases of your period, the sense of pain is higher. In short:

If you are a first-timer and curious about the threading feelings, and understandably anxious about first applying the thread to your face, ask your therapist to thread a tiny part of your forearm so you can get used to the feeling. I’d say I find it a little ‘wincey’ to give you an idea. My eyes tear and I sneeze a little, but there are no levels of discomfort near Brazilian bikini wax.

“For those with reactive skin, the absence of pulling and yoinking can also make threading an attractive option, as many dedicated threaders report less irritation and fewer incidences of ingrown hairs vs. waxing and plucking. Basically: threading is ideal for sensitive skins and souls, just not at your cycle’s most sensitive “time.


You’ve found yourself a pro-threader and they’re strong and qualified, but don’t presume the technician is a mind reader. At the beginning of the appointment, you do need to express your particular brow tastes and potential ambitions, and check progress after an initial whip round with thread with a hand mirror. There’s nothing worse than your devoted brow rehab going to pot because of a bi


Breezing in and out of a brow bar and continuing with your regular beauty routine can be all too simple, but you need to tailor your approach to your treatment, as Vaishaly emphasizes:

“If you have threaded areas of the face except the eyebrows, avoid any stimulating skin treatments that add more blood and heat to the surface, as this will make the skin more sensitive, increasing the probability of poor reactions and breakouts.”

If on the same day you were looking to get a laser facial and threading in, that’s a no-go. If you get threaded brows and want to optimize your chances of a perfect outcome, blink brow bar creator Vanita Parti suggests first putting in the groundwork:

Exfoliating the skin around the brow hairs is a perfect way to prepare for threading. This will help slough dead skin and ingrown hairs away for beautifully smooth brows. Our therapists were very excited about making something that helped prepare the skin, and our Brow Exfoliator, £ 17, was born as a result. The combination of sugar crystals and sweet almond shells helps gently clean the skin while gently scrubbing the skin.

The most important post-threading approach is a gently gentle approach. According to Vanita, you will have to reschedule your spa day:

It is very necessary to avoid touching the threaded area after threading. Your pores would be wide open to discomfort, so I will suggest avoiding swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, high temperatures and direct sunlight in general for the next 24 hours. Spraying tans and wearing makeup around your eyebrows are also vetoed. If this sounds restricting, note that any inflammation after a day or so is also vetoed.

Vaishaly stresses that lukewarm discipline often extends to bath time:

“Where possible, avoid hot showers and splash cold water over the threaded area to cool the heat you will feel after the treatment and tighten the pores. A cold compress can work wonders.”

You may certainly still need to wash your face, but now is not the time for multi-masking. For at least a few days, avoid possible irritants, scent, scrubs and harsh acids around the threaded region. If you feel that a little soothing moisture is needed, opt for a layer of lightweight hydration therapy with purpose-formulated blink Pure Rose Water Gel, £ 26, or Suman favors Avène Repair Cream, £ 6.38,

A final tip from Browhaus trainer Chermaine Kyriacou is to show some caution after your treatment where brow grooming is concerned. Where brow grooming is concerned, it can be all too easy to go oveboard…

“Do not tweet the area or use any other methods of hair removal, as this can ruin your therapist’s hard work and your desired result, not to mention triggering embedded hair and irritation.”

If in doubt, heed the after-threading mantra of Vaishaly and in no time you’ll be raising artfully groomed eyebrows:

Leaving the skin alone is necessary. On the day of threading, the less you do the better.

Less is better, as is also the case in life and beauty.