What comes across your mind when it comes to housework? Boredom? Time consumption? Or yuckiness? Unfortunately, house chores are the things we have to do daily or weekly even though we don’t really enjoy them. So, is there any solution for us to simplify them? If you are wondering this question, why not check out these 5 brilliant inventions to make the chores much easier.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet

By installing a touchless kitchen faucet, you will have a chance to experience better cooking and dishwashing time. With hand motion, right now, the chores around the kitchen is much cleaner and more convenient.

Firstly, this sensor faucet amazingly helps reduce the water wastage and avoid the messy and sometimes flooding sink. What’s more? It also prevents germs and bacteria from spreading and the dirt sticking in the faucet. No matter how old you are, it is super easy to operate, especially control the water temperature to prevent the ugly scalding injuries.

A touchless kitchen faucet promotes better hygiene around the sink

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaner is another invention which comes to light and reduces your load of housework. By owning this device, we can get free from one of the most exhausting tasks – cleaning the house. Featuring the scheduling program, the robotic vacuum can complete its job when you’re away or doing other chores. Moreover, it not only roams around your house but also cleans up the most narrow places, tough-to-reach spots and even inside the furniture.

With advanced technology, the vacuum can even automatically recharge itself when the battery is running low. Compared to the traditional one, the new model is much more practical and user-friendly.

Let the robotic vacuum do it all for you.

Washing Machine

No one can deny the importance of the washing machine in lightening the house chores. No more hand washing, this device enables the homeowner to save a lot of time. All we need to do are loading the dirty clothes into the machine, pressing the button and waiting for the cleaned ones. In addition, it saves more water, uses less detergent to protect the environment, cuts off your monthly bill and reduces the drying time. With the long list of advantages, washing machine is a must-have appliance for every family. Depending on your needs and financial status, you can choose out of the variety of brands, types or sizes in the market to find the most suitable one.

The countless benefits of the washing machine have been killing your dirty-laundry nightmare.

Microwave Oven

In the view of making cooking faster, the microwave oven was invented and become one of the necessary kitchen appliances nowadays. Besides saving time in heating cold or frozen foods, this machine also saves energy and preserves the vitamin and nutrients in foods. Thanks to the installed safety system, using the microwave oven is safer than other conventional cooking methods. You don’t have to worry about oil splattering onto your face when reheating some fried chickens, nor do you ever have to leave home wondering if the gas valve is locked . Cleaning becomes a bliss – you can use a wet tissue or a damp cloth to tidy up all the food splatters.

The multifunction microwave oven makes food faster and tastier.


With over-100-year existence, the refrigerator completely changes the world, providing us with better living standards. A busy life prevents you from going grocery shopping every day? Don’t have enough time to cook 3 meals a day? Let’s throw all worries away because the fridge owns a ton of benefits which you can take for granted. It helps keep the food fresh, extend the expiry date, cool the water, make ice and so on. There is no doubt that this item is making for a productive household like spending less time in cooking task, using the fresher food every day. Can you imagine how terrible it is if one day there is no refrigerator on earth?

The refrigerator claims itself as one of the 5 greatest breakthroughs in the food science.

Bottom line: No one likes spending all their free time doing a pile of housework, but we can’t avoid it. Instead of running away, people now are supported by a lot of inventions to make house chores more bearable, much easier and quicker.. With the 5 appliances above, we have much spare time to rest, enjoy a well-balanced and happy life.