These times are very uncertain, but these female entrepreneurs won’t back down. These powerful women believe in their communities and are embracing change. They are sharing their own efforts, as well as how others can help.

Melissa Ruiz is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindset Expert, and Online Soulprener Business Coach. After working as a TV producer for 13 years, she left everything behind to pursue her passion and purpose. Melissa quit her 6 figure job, got a divorce and now helps other women move past their own fears so they too can build the life & spiritual businesses they desire.

1. How are you being a positive light to your community right now?

It’s important for me to be there for my community during these times and welcome an open dialogue. Whether it was the pandemic or the fight for justice for the black community, I have been using my platform for ways in which we can combine peace, harmony and resolutions to bring about change. This includes offering free virtual yoga to first responders during the pandemic and dedicating my social media to promoting black-owned businesses including my clients. It’s important to use our gift as female coaches and leaders to listen to our communities and be present in the moment. 

2. How should female coaches embrace change?

This is a topic that I focus on a a lot with my clients, and we embrace change as a welcoming challenge. Just this week, I had to change around my marketing plan as a coach to better help my clients during these times, including how to sell during a pandemic and how to go about supporting justice in the right tone of voice for their business. Female coaches should welcome changes and curveballs thrown at them, as it makes you grow at the end of the day. The more you change, the more wealth of knowledge you can bring into your coaching sessions.

Nathalie Nicole Smith is a beauty and wellness maven who has spent the last seven years building a powerhouse brand that caters to the needs of women mentally, physically, and spiritually. Her philanthropy work includes mentoring and tutoring the local DC youth, running programs that increase awareness about the needs of young people, and partnering with local organizations to improve the quality of life for them. Today, she freelances the country offering wellness, beauty, and business consulting, all while empowering women with knowledge and resources that will help them build their lives and businesses. A graduate of Howard University and a 93.9 WKYS “Top 30 Under 30” honoree, she is the founder of a non-profit organization called, Women Who Boss, which advocates for physical, financial, and mental wellness through weekly and monthly activities. She is also the founder of the Plush beauty and wellness brand, which includes Plush Enterprises and PlushRx. A National Director with Total Life Changes, she has received numerous awards as a top-earner in the business. The author of the upcoming books, My Network Marketing Success Story & Success is a Lifestyle, Nathalie’s mission is to help 1,000 women become spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically free. She has been featured in Huffington Post, Bronze Magazine (October 2017), Business For Home, and MLM Nation.

1. How are you being a positive light to your community right now?

During this extremely difficult and unprecedented time for our communities and our world, my goal is always to use my platform to spread the message of faith and hope. Yes, we must be realistic as to what we are experiencing. We are not denying what is happening around us. But I challenge everyone to keep in mind the steps that have been taken and the progress that has been made so far. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But what good has focusing on the negative ever done? Keep a positive mindset. Have faith and hope in people, the process, and if you are a believer as I am, in God.

2. How should female coaches embrace change?

Anyone that classifies themselves as a Coach must have the ability to change with the times. You cannot effectively lead anyone if you are not connected to the current mood and climate that those people are living in. Specifically, as women, we are expected to be more sensitive to the needs of the people. Even if that is not naturally your style, the reality of it is that expectation is still placed on you. We cannot fool ourselves into believing that we do not need to adapt for the good of those we are leading, and that change is not necessary. We must embrace it wholeheartedly if we are going to help raise up the next generation of leaders.

Haylee Stamper is a Self Evolution Expert and Business Growth Strategist focused on empowering women to get to the root of what’s keeping them stuck so they can experience their life at full potential. She regularly speaks at live events across the US and Internationally and has helped thousands of women find their voice online, make dream businesses come to life, triple their income, build massive teams, retire their husbands, leave their 9-5, and most importantly find their confidence in who they truly are.

1. How am I being a positive light in my community right now?  

My community, followers, and clients know that I have always been committed to showing up real in my evolution, taking radical ownership of my growth process and in doing so I have created a safe place for them to do the same.  During this time in our country, it is not enough to just speak about racism, it is about the willingness to go inside and ask the tough questions of ourselves.  To shed light on what we may be carrying that has contributed to the current situation of racism in our country.  Even if it was unintentional.

Part of my work has always been in changing generational patterns, so women can rise to levels the women before them never imagined.  Now is the time to do the same, but in regards to racism. Radical ownership is not comfortable, but true evolution comes from being real with yourself, and releasing what needs to be released for good, so you can take action to help others.

To help those in my online community, I have been hosting daily sessions to help facilitate awareness and change. This includes guided visualizations and meditations to increase love and awareness, educating them on how to be more inclusive in their messaging, bringing in women of color to educate those that may not understand how they may be unintentionally causing harm in their social media content.  To help them become aware, and evolve without pointing fingers or blame. 

2. How should female coaches embrace change?

I believe as female coaches, it is our responsibility to embrace change within ourselves, so we can help guide others to do the same.  Change is uncomfortable, change is not easy, but as a coach, you have committed to making growth your default. It is not about having the answers for your clients, it is about having the ability and willingness to navigate growth alongside them. Taking ownership of your own evolution, despite the discomfort, is what makes a great coach.  Your personal dedication to your journey will give your clients and followers the space to get real with themselves and will feel empowered to make changes that last.

Change is the only constant we have. Navigating change, adapting, letting go of old patterns, learning new ways to serve, is the core fo what coaching is designed to do.  The world needs coaches that are willing to be vulnerable, now more than ever.  Coaches that are willing to walk their own journey, relentlessly.  The days of leading through knowledge alone is no longer as powerful as leading by example.  

Leisse Wilcox is a Transformational Mindset and Success Coach helping high-potential women courageously become the version of themselves they just can’t stop dreaming about. She also helps women unleash their most authentic, successful, and vibrant self through professional clarity, inner peace, and creating long-lasting change from within.

1. How are you being a positive light to your community right now?

My work is completely centered around the understanding that our feelings are just feedback, and that feedback provides valuable insight into what still needs to be healed. Knowing that, my role is to give people permission to be very honest with themselves about what it is that they are actually feeling without shame or judgment. You have to feel it in order to heal it. The way I am showing up with light and positivity for my community is to be the one giving them permission to feel through this and therefore, heal through this.

2. How should female coaches embrace change?

I think we have to be leaders in our space and in our lives. It’s very important to me to consistently practice what I preach, and walk my own talk. It’s this genuine, embodied leadership that will set an example to move forward through the most challenging times. 

Emily Vavra Headshot.jpg

Emily Vavra is an alpha female Entrepreneur who had a dream and went for it. This LA-based wellness leader and speaker continues to pave the way for others as one of the top network marketing professionals. Since 2011, Emily has helped thousands of other entrepreneurs in building their own health, wealth, and financial freedom. People want to know her, what she’s wearing, what she’s reading, and how she does it all.

Emily is a global traveler, speaking to filled arenas on business topics, mindset issues, motivational stories, and more. Her ability to connect with audiences on a variety of issues from simple tips on productivity to the deeper issues regarding women is largely due to her authenticity. Known for her #RealTalk, Emily is innovative; delivering with knowledge, style, and just enough edge to ensure value to those who are listening. She’s a true “hard work pays off” story that resonates – rising the frequency of whoever is listening. Emily is Yahoo’s top 10 Entrepreneurs to follow in 2020 and has recently been featured on Bloom TV, KTLA, Life&Style Magazine, Thrive Global, Good Morning Lala Land, and more!

1. How are you being a positive light to your community right now?

Given the current events, I think it is so important to be empathetic.  No matter what, every single human I talked to is going through something right now, and everyone is feeling a wide array of emotions. Number one is to have empathy for people that I’m connected with, and just give them so much love and support and tips on how to just keep going in life, when it can be quite difficult. Whether it’s financially, mentally, or emotionally, I’m not stopping. I’m spreading my message and my beliefs and my viewpoints on things that are going on in the world. 

I’m using my voice to educate those around me about human rights. We have to fight for what’s right, as humans, for humanity. 

2. How should female coaches embrace change?

Lean into your passion for something greater than yourself. Embrace change and pivot with purpose. It’s recognizing what is important, and what should take precedence over other things. It’s being conscious about your business but also about what everybody else is going through.