We asked 5 female entrepreneurs to share their experience and advice on what helps them become a boss.

Michelle Lee from Allure- “You need to have your own vision and take your own risks.”

Rebecca Minkoff– “What makes me a boss is as a mother, I have become great at multi-tasking, relying on my staff, viewing them as entrepreneurs and making sure I have a to-do list”

Jen Atkins, founder of Ouai- “What made me a Boss was being a good assistant and I was the first one at the salon and the last one to leave.”

Jaclyn Johnson of Create & Cultivate- “What made me a Boss was owning my power and calling yourself a Boss or an Entrepreneur.”

Anastasia Soare– “What makes me a boss is hardwork, knowing what you want and also knowing how to get what you want. To become a boss, you need to work hard, believe in your dreams and you need to be passionate about what you do.”

‘What makes me a Boss‘ is an online platform to inspire women and young girls to write their goals, be their own boss and also a social enterprise to help women become financially independent in Nepal through training and employment. The social enterprise also helps girls go to school during periods and end menstrual taboo in Nepal through Promise of a Cycle initiative.

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