By Amy Javier

Like men, rightly so, many women seek power. Many women have gained power through becoming successful and overworking themselves just as hard as men do. This type of power comes from a need to fulfill a masculine role, and in this article, we show how strength is also in the feminine.

Masculine traits like being overworked, not paying attention to what is pleasurable in your life, or just working a 9-5 that you are not happy in fulfills this masculine energy that can stifle women’s femininity. In this article, you will learn about five feminine sources of power you have within yourself, so you can easily start attracting more of this energy into your life. 

These feminine archetypes are a source of power for all women and those that identify as feminine. We must realize that not all women are in their feminine essence or their complete feminine power. Feminine power is sourced from archetypes that come from our subconscious. When we make these archetypes conscious, we gain their power and characteristics into our own character. Some of the feminine power archetypes we will be working on within this article are The Queen, Sage, The Mother, and The Maiden.

Feminine Power Sources from Within

The Queen

She gets anything she wants, like the likes of Cleopatra!

This archetypal energy within a woman is the energy that gets everything Done! She is vigilant with her goals and vision for herself. She is independent and can do anything on her own in terms of business — one of the shadow sides of the Queen is that she sacrifices herself for her King (her man!). Through her journey as Queen, she learns that no man can give you what you already have inside of you! She learns ultimate confidence along the way and turns her failures into success, whether they be emotional, career, or familial. 

Ways to integrate The Queen

Check-in with yourself what you want for yourself and take small steps in making those dreams into a reality. Even if you are taking baby steps towards your big goals, that is a way to integrate the Queen Archetype. Spiritually this means keeping these key themes in mind: confidence, solitude, and creative power. The Queen archetype has the creative power to create and manifest anything she desires with little to no help from anyone else. Tap into your independence and integrate this energy by taking Action towards your most desired goals!

The Mother 

This archetype is also known as the destroyer, as Ancient Hinduism shows KALI — the Mother Goddess as the Devouring Mother.

The Mother shows us, feminine creatures, how soft, loving, and compassionate we can be towards one another. With that said, The Mother archetype carries the heaviest shadow side, and that’s of the “Devouring Mother.” 

Tapping into the mother archetype means you are both taking care of yourself as you would like your mother to, or you are a mother to others by taking care of their emotional needs, being affectionate, and very compassionate towards others. You know you are a Mother Archetype when, in most of your relationships, you are being sought out for advice or loving-kindness energy you naturally have. Still, because you have this power, you can also take this love away!

The Devouring Mother takes away love and affection from those that don’t listen to her advice. While she takes her mothering duties seriously, she also never wants to let go of her children — and this could be fatal! 

Ways to Tap into your Inner Mother

Tapping into a healthy Mother archetype means getting your Shit* together with compassion that you are style learning and growing on your path into full adulthood. Doing simple things like grocery shopping for yourself, meditating on the wellbeing of your friends, and noticing how nurturing you are in your relationships (and protecting that from toxic people!) goes a long way in tapping into your own motherhood instincts.

The Maiden Archetype

The Maiden is within all of us. It is that carefree attitude that is most powerful when being young. This feminine archetype speaks to the vulnerability in us — she is the girl that is not yet a woman but is becoming a woman. 

She is becoming a Queen but not yet there. She is still very vulnerable, like princess energy, and she still does get into trouble with men. Psychologically speaking, she goes through an initiation phase with a man (in most maiden stories) and comes out of it safely. She goes through this in order to become a woman! 

A great book that depicts the maiden in her troubles with men and young age is Women Who Run with the Wolves. It is a story of a young woman who has two sisters, and her two sisters warn her about this guy in town that is no good for women. The guy’s name is Blue Beard, and Blue Beard took a liking to the Maiden — and seduced her with his ways and ended up escaping with her to his own secluded castle! Leaving her with no sisters and no family, Blue Beard represents the man preying on the Maiden’s youthful and new energy. 

Tap into your Feminine & Sexy Mystical Maiden

A way to tap into your maiden archetype is by being in the flow with whatever comes in life—being free and enjoying life to the fullest. Not setting any plans or goals, but just flowing. Because this energy is so young, relaxed, and new, it is desirable, so watch out for the Bluebeards that want to dampen your vibe or steal this energy from you. You tap into the maiden archetype by being your free-spirited and carefree self! 

The Sage

This feminine archetype is the wise women, the healers, and the goddesses of the world. She is the type of woman that can sit with a good book and soak up all the knowledge. This step in the feminine archetypal journey is a little older and wiser. She knows who she surrounds herself with (all positive people & friends) and learns from the great knowledge from the ancestors or scholars before her. She takes into account that life is a journey. She learns from her life’s journey and can create medicine with her experience to help others. This archetype can be a leader, and you tap into it by being curious and open to learning new things from science, psychology, and life experiences. 

Learning to Unlearn with Wisdom through Sage Energy

The Sage is who we become when we are teaching ourselves or learning about our respective careers. You learn how to be The Sage archetype by letting yourself learn from life experiences. It is the best archetype to lean into when you are in the corporate world. She is learning about the world but be careful not to get too into this archetype because she can be aloof and lack creative energy. It is an archetype to embody when you are learning and coming into the world with brand new eyes, ready to learn everything about it and seeing things in a new way.