The rise of smartphones have given some mothers only more distractions in their everyday lives. However, smartphones can be lifesaving and extremely beneficial in the time of an emergency. These apps are not ones you will use everyday but, it’s always a proactive idea to have them installed in the event of the unexpected!

American Red Cross

This First Aid & CPR app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in the palms of your hand. This app gives you the resources to learn, prepare and even educate on different natural disasters or health emergencies such as a heart attack or choking. It’s essentially an interactive first aid app that has received rave reviews by companies such as ComplexTech, Babble and Mashable.

This app is only currently available on IOS devices.


This app was developed by the National Library of Medicine as part of their Toxicology Data Network. This app is perfect for mothers who are nursing their little ones. LactMed has a large database of information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers can become exposed to. Information included in the app consists of “levels of such substances in breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effects in the nursing infant. Suggested therapeutic alternatives are provided to those drugs where appropriate. All data are derived from the scientific literature and fully referenced.” The app is organized into substance-specific categories and all drugs and chemicals come with an informative summary. This app comes in handy for many nursing mothers who might find themselves in a situation of wanting to take cold medicine, but aren’t if it’s okay to ingest.

This app is currently available on IOS and Android devices.

The Merck Manual

The Merck Manual is a manual that was written by over 300 medical experts. Its contains downloaded information on what to in several emergency situations such as dog bites, chemical burns, head injuries, nose bleeds, burns and more. What makes this app so special and crucial is that it is completely self-contained — no phone data or WiFi is needed. Apps like this can be crucial and even lifesaving if your camping or in a low service area.

This app is only currently available on IOS devices.


Created by two ER doctors, iTriage is an app that allows you to be at the center of healthcare — anywhere and anytime. This app allows you to gain access to healthcare questions, find medical locations and diseases. This app even allows you to get instant answers to medical questions. Features include the ability to check into the ER through your phone, view your personal health record, information on emergency hotlines and health plan advice lines and much more. According to injury lawyer, Greg Colburn, “in times of major injury taking steps to ensure the quickest and most efficient medical response will be not only beneficial to whoever was hurt, but can ensure that all records are kept in one organized place when it comes to filing and paying your medical bill.”

This app is currently available on IOS and Android devices.


Life360 is an app that can easily help you find your loved ones with the tap of a button. Not only can you see your families locations, but you can also send them emails and texts via the app. Other features include the automation of places so you know when members get to their locations safely.

This app is currently available on IOS and Android devices


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