fall activities for adults

Remember as a kid, when you couldn’t wait to grow up? You’d sit dreaming about all the incredible things you could do when you were older. Wouldn’t that be nice, you thought.

My parents always responded to this lamenting with a “stay young forever” phrase to me. And I couldn’t imagine why.

Now, as an adult, I know why. Responsibilities and obligations loom large as a grown-up. And adulthood is kind of depressing.

Why is this? For many of us, we’ve lost the excitement and wonder that we once found as kids. When you were eight, your job was to explore, experiment, and play. As an adult, we’ve forgotten HOW to play. And it’s a travesty to a life well-lived.

But, who says adult life must be all work and no play?

Sometimes your best move is to go against a cultural norm.

So, it’s time to live a little this fall! Here are some ideas on how:

1. Mix a Fun Fall Drink

First, get experimenting in the kitchen with a homemade pumpkin spice latte! See if you can make it better than Starbucks. If coffee isn’t your thing try your hand at fall cocktails or mocktails. Everyone needs a signature drink to cozy up with family and friends.

2. Go Camping

Fall is perfect weather to enjoy the great outdoors, so don’t miss out! Pull out your camping gear, and don’t forget the hammock. Then, spend your day relaxing, cooking good food, and bonding with those you love.

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3. Try Something New

Most children don’t even know what a comfort zone is. They try new things on a daily basis. Walking, games, school, friends….everything is an adventure! It’s time to start thinking like that again as an adult. So, spend your time mixing up your workouts, restaurants, recipes, etc. for a more exciting life.

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4. Get Creative

Art and beauty are all around us. It’s time to appreciate them!

Walk around your neighborhood just to take pictures of the beautiful changing leaves. Or, paint a landscape of your favorite fall scene. Spend some of your leisure time the next few months connecting with your creative side, and you’ll find that you’re happier and more productive because of it.

5. Watch a Fall Sunset

And finally, fall is a spectacular time of year to witness the beautiful hues of a passing sunset. Gather a meal, hot drink, or blankets and enjoy nature’s bounty with someone you love or as a way to connect with your own soul.

In Conclusion

It’s time to recapture the love for life that is so prominent in children. So, don’t forget to do a few things this fall that make your heart sing. We only get one life after all, it would be a shame not to live it.

What are your favorite fall activities? Do you cherish the ones by yourself or with those you love?

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

William Cullen Bryant