Christmas fun activities

The holidays are an incredible time of year, but sometimes we need to get out of our old traditions to add spice and unforgettable memories to the season.

In addition, most of us have never-ending to-do lists this time of year. This big list of tasks takes precedence over being present and playful with those you love. ( What a bummer) It’s not on purpose, of course, but I know this happens to me!

So, this year, let’s take control! Put living life playfully before anything else. After all, you only live once! Here are five creative ways to have your best holiday season yet!

Play An Out of the Box Christmas Game

First, get your family and friends together to play a special holiday game! These fun Christmas would you rather questions will make everyone laugh and you’ll find out the truth about what your loved ones really think!

Trust me, you won’t regret a themed game night this time of year! You can also try charades, ice breaker questions, or other fun games!

Mix It Up With Traditions

Perhaps this is the year you have sushi on Christmas Eve, you drink eggnog out of silly glasses, or you dress up in a Santa suit (or Easter bunny suit)! Mix up your normal holiday traditions with a few new interesting ones, and it will be a Christmas you remember for years to come.

Get Unique & Thoughtful Gifts

Skip the junk and get gifts that kids love and are practical too.

You could also find something that gives special meaning to the recipient or is personally made for them. Regardless of what you do, think about what would really give your recipient all the good feels for Christmas.

Have a Movie (Or Holiday Show) Marathon

This year, instead of holding yourself back, watch those Christmas movies you can’t watch any other time of the year. Get into the sappy Hallmark ones too.

Write a Christmas Bucket List Together

Finally, what are the activities you REALLY want to do this year? If you don’t set an intention for them ahead, time tends to get away at the holidays. We like to make a holiday bucket list and stick it to the fridge. It’s feels great to cross them off as we do them.

Before You Go…

Add magic back into the Christmas season with these easy to do ideas. You’ll find that you’re more connected to friends and family, and more relaxed too. What an amazing way to spend the month of December.