kids reading encouragement

My husband and I were both avid readers growing up. When we had kids this is how we envisioned they would be also. Currently, our kids are in the middle of learning how to read. And the reading we do at home together tends to seem like more of a job than a treat. 

So, let’s change that narrative! Here are 5 fun ways to encourage your kids to enjoy reading.

  1. Keep it light.

As a teacher, I often fall into the trap of trying too hard to teach my child to read when instead we should just be enjoying reading time together. So, keep it light. Learning to read is hard work and can become frustrating to both kids and parents. If this is the case, plan to do most of the reading to your child during your time together. Kids of all ages love read aloud. Plus, your child benefits from hearing you read fluently and explain new vocabulary words. Point out interesting things in the text and discuss the plot or new learning when you can. Keep it light and keep it fun. That is how your kids will learn to love reading.

  1. Book Trivia

Whenever you can, turn reading into a game. Trivia about books is especially fun because it encourages kids to want to read more books so they can answer more questions. It also lets you know what classic books you may need to read again with your child or for the first time. Check out Book Trivia Questions & Answers. You will find something for everyone in the family on this list of questions. Test out your book knowledge!

  1. Enjoy audiobooks.

Yes, in my opinion audiobooks count as reading. 

  • First, kids get drawn into a story and want to hear more. 
  • Secondly you can have great discussions about the story to aid in listening comprehension which is an important skill. 
  • Third, listening to fluent readers help kids understand how to be more fluent readers themselves. Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, with a good pace, and with good expression. 

Listening to audiobooks is fun! Listen in the car when running errands or on a road trip. Kids can listen at home for a quiet-time activity. 

  1. Read books that are movies.

We recently finished The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and we are excited to watch the movie for the first time. This is an excellent way to motivate kids to try out new books and read more. There are TONS of books that have become movies or tv series. Teach your kids to read the book first and then have a fun family night while enjoying the screen version. This is an excellent way to motivate reluctant readers.

  1. Take advantage of your local library.

Look at your local library’s schedule of events and plan to attend as many as possible that would interest your child. They often have interesting author visits as well as other child-friendly activities. Our local library even offers lego building events that they tie into literacy. Get your child their own library card and get into the habit of exploring books there together. If you are short on time, see if your library has an app or way to put books on hold online so that you can pick them up at your convenience and have more time to browse the selections from your home.

“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.”- Lloyd Alexander