kids activities winter

The colder months are upon us and without the excitement of the holidays the short days can seem to drag on, especially when you have kids around. Add in unexpected sick days or snow days and you’ll be scrambling to figure out ways to entertain the creatures that now go wild in your home (your kids). 

Instead of stressing about what to do with the kids during winter, check out these 5 fun ways to entertain at home.

“Time spent playing with children is never wasted.” –Dawn Lantero

  1. Board Games

Classic games can become new fun when brought out with everyone in mind. Kids especially love to play and interact when someone new wants to play (like mom or dad). The key to keeping any age child entertained is choosing games that everyone can participate in and have fun. Classic games that most people already have at home and can pull out when needed:

  • Monopoly
  • Sorry
  • Risk
  • Chutes & Ladders
  • Chess/Checkers
  1. Crafts

If mess is a trigger to you this may not be your thing to do with kids, but if you’re okay with a little mess for some time where the kids are not fighting then crafts are a fun option when the days are too cold to be outside. I suggest having a small box or drawer dedicated to supplies that are only used for craft time so it’s easy to have items on hand. For little ones, it’s best to have low expectations, little direction and bold colorful items to use–the outcome doesn’t really matter as long as creativity is there. Older kids may like specific crafts that have a more clear outcome such as:

  • Homemade binoculars
  • Painted rocks
  • Jewelry
  • Slime
  1. Question Games

These are perfect for when you don’t have a lot of energy to put into entertaining! Question games need no supplies, can be adjusted for kids of all ages and have as many players as you want. Popular question games include:

  • Never Have I Ever
  • Would You Rather
  • What Am I Riddles
  • Kids Debate Topics to go back and forth on
  1. Baking

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat when you’re trapped inside?! A simple brownie or cookie bakeoff can seem extra special to kids when it’s just for the “fun of it” kind of treat and not for an occasion. Keep the kids involved by having them measure out ingredients, mix and taste tests.

  1. Indoor picnic

We love to do this one because it’s simple and it’s crazy how a change of scenery can make all the difference! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, just lay down a blanket in your favorite room and have everyone eat on the floor. The kids will think it’s funny and cleaning up is as easy as shaking the blanket off outside. Finger foods are a fan favorite for picnics, especially if on a community tray or muffin pan. Something different can feel really special for an ordinary day at home.

The winter can feel long and tiring for adults with kids stuck inside for various reasons but remember that winter indoors can feel long and boring for kids as well. A little bit of entertainment can go a long way with kids and these five fun ways to entertain them in the winter can definitely help those long days.