Raise job satisfactions through get to know you work activities

My husband works for a major firm that went remote during COVID. He loves his job and the work-from-home environment.

But he’s noticed a major downside in the last few months. Employees feel less connected to their coworkers. And they are more individual-oriented instead of team-oriented. As a result, the company is having a harder time with retention. And in turn, my husband spends much more of his time hiring and training new employees.

It’s a HUGE productivity loss for the company. But much of this can be alleviated with a more direct focus on relationships. Even in a remote setting, connection is why people stay and how good businesses are run.

So, here are five ideas to dig a little deeper with your colleagues and employees.

1. High and Low

This one is quick and easy, and that’s why it’s featured first! Before a meeting starts, have each team member say something great about their day (or week) and something not so great. Move through the group quickly, giving verbal high fives for the good stuff and support when others need it.

2. Fun Questions

You can find TONS of questions online that help people open up and relax. Dedicate five or ten minutes and let people discuss their preferences. Plusk, would you rather questions are always fun when helping others get to know each other.

*Questions are also great for kids! Find more icebreaker kids games here >>

3. Find the Person Bingo

Not only does this work well as an ice breaker, but it’s also an excellent holiday activity to build relationships. For example, colleagues can go around the room finding who gives out the full-size candy bars and who loves horror movies at Halloween.

4. Two Truths & a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie isn’t just for kids! See how tricky your team members can be with their lie. Will you be able to spot it?

One thing is for sure, you’ll learn unique things about the people you work with.

5. Show and Tell

Ok, this sounds like something a kindergartener might do. BUT if you work in a remote office setting, it’s incredibly effective at work. Have everyone show something from the room they’re in, and explain why it’s there. You’ll learn personal details about employees that build connections for months to come.

In Conclusion

If you want productivity and job fulfillment to be high in the workplace, you MUST build relationships. And to do this, you have to take the time to get to know the people you work with. All of the activities above only take a few minutes of time, but the results in job satisfaction can be stunning.