Credit: Silvia & Frank/Pixababy

Valentine’s Day is often viewed as an extension of what two people feel for one another celebrated on one day. Make Valentine’s Day a day that is about developing your relationship, learning each other and having fun at different points in the year, even. After all, it’s not just about expensive reservations and gifts; it’s about celebrating that you found someone meaningful enough to spend this day together. Do something highly thoughtful and meaningful for one another.

Here’s some quick gift ideas to help you out!

1. Sometimes the answer is right before your eyes.

Finding a gift for a woman sometimes can be a little trickier since the flowers, candy, jewelry are the go to gifts for Valentine’s Day. Want to do something that is highly thoughtful and something that will be a reminder of you everyday? Go for the everyday item that you might overlook. Her favorite perfume. If you’re looking for her favorite perfume, check which perfume bottles are almost empty. Pick one of those.

2. DVR it.

Sporting events are a great way to gift you both a date night at some point later on in the year. If your trying to do something surprising around your partner’s favorite sports team and are unsure of their favorites, check out their DVR schedule.

3. Hectic schedule?

Sometimes life can be so overbooked that we forget the date. This happens when I go to a Hallmark store or drug store on Valentine’s Day and see people, just like me, picking up a card after work. Happens to the best of us! That’s just a card. Imagine the restaurant reservation waitlist that day? If you can’t get reservations at your favorite date spot, set up candlelight dinner in the bedroom.

4. Kick it up a notch!

Try re-creating your first date at home for this Valentine’s Day. Get balloons, decorate the table setting, any little details that you can look at on the 15th and smile the better. It is nostalgic of the beginning of your relationship, but it also brings you back to that “this is why I fell in love with you”. As your relationship evolves, less time is spent on ogling at each other, it becomes more about making life happen and our busy schedules. When your partner does something romantic it does bring you back to the “I have to impress this person” phase of the relationship.

5. De-stress.

Work-life balance can be a delicate balance and can cause stress. Treating yourselves to a little combo gift can help you get closer and relieve some of your stress. Get a couples spa day gift certificate where you both schedule a future date.

Happy Valentine’s day!