beautiful baby shower gifts

Finding a great gift for a little one is not usually that difficult–have you seen the cute outfits and colorful toys in stores?! But when you want to give a baby gift that the mom will love and use, a little more thought needs to be considered. This round up of five great baby showers items make perfect gifts! 

  1. Diapers

Diapers, diapers, diapers! This can mean disposable or cloth if you know what the preference will be for the parents, either way diapers will be much appreciated as diapers are one of the most costly aspects of parenthood. If you’re unsure on brands, include a gift receipt (not all brands are created equally). And I suggest giving multiple sizes–babies are in diapers for a long time, not just the cute newborn stage. 

  1. Interactive Books

Books are always a fan favorite when gifting the mom-to-be! To make this more common gift idea a mom favorite as well, try choosing an interactive book for the little one to enjoy. An interactive book draws the child in through action and often becomes the most loved book of the child, not to mention educational and stimulating. Try gifting books that have pop ups, lift-the-flaps, buttons, seek and find books etc. 

See here for a fun and helpful list of baby and 1 year old books (with great interactive options).

  1. Thermometer

This was the one item I wish I had been given during my baby shower with the first child as I had no idea how much it would be used in those first few years! A digital ear or forehead thermometer are great choices when using on children who are always on the move. You could also include an infant first aid kit with this item, such as tylenol, creams and vaseline.

  1. Breastfeeding Essentials

If you know the mom-to-be will be breastfeeding, this is the ultimate gift for her! Whether a first time or experienced mom, she will be grateful for products that help her. Nipple cream, breast pads and a nursing pillow will be much appreciated. You could also include a new water bottle and fun snacks for when she needs to stay hydrated and is hungry during a midnight feed.

  1. Diaper pail

The diaper pail is a life saver when it comes to how your house will smell after having kids. Unlike a regular trash can, a diaper pail helps seal in the scent of those foul diapers and can be conveniently placed next to the changing table. Be sure to include a package or two of the custom trash bags as well to help the parents. 

It can be easy to overlook the mom when a cute adorable infant is on the way, but remember to think of the one doing the hard work when looking for a baby shower gift! Look for items that will be useful and convenient for mom and the well being of the baby. You can’t go wrong with these five great baby shower gifts that mom will love too!