happy parenting

Do you have any regrets regarding the childhood? Did you get a proper guidance in life?

Now being a parent or going to be one day, what are the things which you don’t want your child to face?

What is the role of parents in nurturing a child?

Let’s have a glance at parent behavior, as normal every parent does and what could be done to improve the standards of children.

Are your parenting efforts shooting right or going in vain?

Mistakes parents mostly tend to do:

Comparing with other child who is good at something.

Using the negative words such as, you can never do it or you are not capable of.

Doubting the behavior of child.

No proper guidance provided and the list goes on. But a parent doesn’t think much about the circumstances of such behavior on the child. Think about it!

” Rome was not built in a day”.

“Habits” are also not build up in a day. Time has the solution for everything

Role of parents:

The essential duty of parents is to nurture the child right from the toddler age. As the grasping power at this age tends to be high, it makes life easier moving forward. Once turn back and look for the things you missed and you don’t want your child to miss them.

Building a great future of child starts from the childhood. Now lets think what could be the few habits which induced at tender age tend to give fruitful results?

“People do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future”.

-F M Alexander

Perception to learn comes from reading and learning new skills. This can be the first habit…

Reading Books:

The formula is “READ=LEARN=WORK”. Now when a child is encouraged to read a lot, eventually this activity turns into a habit and in the long term, he gains knowledge. Knowledge in turn helps develop skills and a good skilled person, is admirable and wanted. In the present day, there are huge number of phonic based activities, which help child with proper pronunciation also. Instead of spending a lot, in the name of reputed schools for academics, parents must think about arranging phonic based reading classes for children at early ages. Reading habit is the first milestone, which has to be managed properly.

Are you habituated with time management? If not start from today for yourself and children.

Time Management:

The success ingredient of highly effective people, is time management. This is the habit if inculcated and followed sincerely will give great rewards. Children at young age are like play dough, how you try to mold them they will take the shape. Making them do their daily chores on time, can be the easiest way to induce this habit.

Time management is important as it is interlinked to other habit in the row.

Beating Procrastination:

This is the human nature and every human tends to be slave of procrastination. Taking the first step, which may not be perfect is the simplest way to beat procrastination. Delaying the work will only give negative impact, hence children must be taught to stay away from laziness and fear. Fear can also be reason sometimes which eventually turns into the procrastination. When a child has fear with some thing, trying to encourage, get rid of it helps to build the confidence of child.

Confidence and Believing in self:

Confidence is the pillar and believing in self should be a habit. Listen to the world but do what your inner voice says. This attitude of confidence and believing in self, nurtures the child, for inner growth and build’s a strong foundation. Children with such attitude will never face or have regrets as they do what they want and doesn’t need to regret about anything. Parents have a key role in building confidence of children as parents are the role models and children learn a a lot from parents. Showing or using negative words may burst the confidence of child so be careful while handling children.


Be positive, think positive and do positive should be the mindset of the children. Positivity brings thousands of smiles and smile is the medicine for various ailments may it be behavioral or physical. Positive mindset is the success mindset. Children usually tend to feel insecure when others perform well, here the parents have to encourage the child to take the things in positive manner and work hard to achieve goals. The way you think will definitely reflect on your life.

Bottom line:

Wrapping up it’s not the conclusion, it’s the beginning. Urge to parents, doing the groundwork perfectly will definitely contemplate fruitful results in children. Parenting is a difficult task, but following few careful tips and inducing good habits and manners in children brings rainbow colors in life.