New entrepreneurs and traders dreamt of being successful in business and trading. But early on, they realized that the road to success is something not easy to accomplish. Along the way, they will experience numerous ups and downs before they discover the right formula for success.

Many of them are wondering about the habits of successful people. How do they jump-start their day? Do they follow a daily routine? Entrepreneurs and traders want to know those habits. They are intrigued by rituals that made them successful.

It is rare to have a peep on the habits of a successful entrepreneur. Hence, it is a great privilege for one successful young entrepreneur to share several practices that made him successful. Benjamin Zogby is a successful entrepreneur and stock trader who built multi-million-dollar businesses from scratch. Zogby is the founder of HighStrike Trading, which teaches people how to trade in the stock market. He also established HighStrike Startup, which helps individuals to start their own profitable online course business. Zogby’s five habits can make business owners, traders, and entrepreneurs in business and trading. 

1. Follow A Routine

Most successful entrepreneurs or CEOS have and follow a daily routine. A routine is a powerful tool to develop self-discipline. Entrepreneurs and traders must recognize that success is the result of doing the right things consistently and repeatedly.

Zogby urged business owners and traders to get up precisely at the same time every day. “They set the alarm so they can wake up a particular time. Getting out of bed at the same time every day allows you to establish a rhythm,” Zogby said. He noted that a daily routine helps people organize their day and gives them a game plan to approach their daily activities.

Zogby shared that he gets up every day at 7 a.m. “It allows me to jumpstart myself before the trading market opens. And as a trader, it is crucial to waking up before the market opens so you will have enough time to prepare yourself for the trading day. You will also have time to check on company portfolios,” he added.

2. Eat Breakfast

People sometimes will complain that they feel weak and not ready to work. One of the reasons is they skip eating breakfast. No other meal of the day is more important than breakfast. It provides the fuel that a person’s body needs to face the tasks ahead of him. A healthy breakfast is a pair of foods rich in carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates give energy to a person’s body and fuel to his brain, while protein mainly provides stamina until the next meal.

3. Do Some Exercise

Some people might find it contentious to hear this advice from an entrepreneur. However, no one can contest the benefits of physical exercise to the well-being of an individual. Exercise can help boost a person’s energy and improves his stamina. It can also make him more alert and ready to face the day since exercise improves mental focus.

“If I have a tough day, a noontime workout could easily fix my mood. So, if you are having a bad morning, try to do some workout to have a more positive mood before doing your tasks,” Zogby said. Zogby explained that physical exercise releases chemicals in your brain that makes you happier. Researchers have revealed that regular exercise can boost a person’s mood because it increases happy hormones in a person’s body.

Zogby shared that he aims to have physical exercise thrice a week to keep his body active. He noted that the longer a person will live,  the more money he can make.

4. Take Action Goals

Zogby urged entrepreneurs and traders to sweat all the small things. “Do not overthink about the daunting huge goals. It would be better to take action goals,” Zogby said. He recommended breaking huge goals into smaller, manageable ones not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of them.

“Action goals are things you do every day. Most of the time, you measure your performance based on whether you could accomplish it on a specific day. Entrepreneurs and traders should recognize that they can only control what they do every day,” Zogby said. Zogby suggested that they set four to five goals every day, like posting four pieces of content on social media or making $100 on the stock market. “If they accomplished those four or five goals every day, they could go to bed daily knowing that they completed the day as a win,” he explained. He emphasized that those small wins will eventually add up over time.

5. Take A Day Off

Many entrepreneurs and traders believed that they must work every waking hour. They are banking that the more hours they put into work, the faster they will achieve their goals. However, Zogby reminded them that they must take at least a day off every week. He explained that taking one day rest can enhance a person’s productivity for the six working days.  “Your productivity is vital to your success and will help you to move forward towards your goal,” he added.

“Some of you might be working in a 9-to-5 job. At the same time, you are also doing trading or starting a business on the side. You are working eight hours on your day job and another eight hours on your trading or business. That is about 16 hours a day of work. It is not sustainable to do for 365 days a year,” Zogby said. He argued that they must give themselves some time off to help their minds and bodies recharge. “Remember the road to success is still a long way to go. So, it would be best if you had the energy to reach that goal,” he added.

Bottom Line

Success in business and trading would not occur overnight. It is an accumulation of small wins. Adopting the right habits shared by Zogby will help entrepreneurs and traders to become successful.  Those habits have helped Zogby build his multi-million-dollar businesses.  Zogby emphasized that they can achieve success one day at a time.