Forming positive habits in a relationship early on will only make a relationship stronger and better but will also have an impactful experience for both partners when practiced consistently. As we start dating someone over a longer period of time we learn a lot about them, and together form habits with each other. Below, I wanted to share with you some healthy habits you can create with your romantic partner early on and throughout your relationship to really have a prosperous relationship.

1.) Respect Each Other

Respect your significant other. Respect begins at the initial stage of dating and continues throughout your entire relationship. In my personal experience, when you don’t respect your significant other you will end up not communicating properly which can possibly lead to resentment. Which leads me to my next point. Communication.

2.) Communication

Communicate. Our world is experiencing a dramatic shift in technology recently and that is definitely changing how we communicate in the dating sphere. But, really talk to your partner. I always tell people to have weekly check ins with each other. Life gets busy, and that’s okay. Talk to your partner about what they’re going through, what’s been on their mind, goals that they want to achieve, family, etc. The list goes on. When talking in person, be present and when the mind drifts away bring your attention back to your partner.

3.) Compliment Each Other

Compliments go a long way when you really mean them. Compliments don’t always have to be something physical, it could really be anything. But acknowledging the other person for something they accomplished in their life perhaps, is truly amazing.

4.) Give Each Other Space

I believe this habit to be extremely important. Having hobbies, friends, activities you do without your partner is a really good thing. Especially if your living with someone, the dynamics change because your most likely seeing this person everyday. Doing things outside of your relationship will actually give you the opportunity to miss each other and really strengthen the bond of the relationship.

5.) Acknowledge Each Other’s Flaws

Shocker. We all have flaws as human beings, no one is perfect. Don’t try and change your partner to get them to do something that you wish they would do. Acknowledge each other’s flaws and talk about them. What areas can each of you work on to get better. Think team. A team is going to make mistakes and that’s okay. It’s about working together and forming an amazing healthy relationship with your significant other.

There are obviously many healthy habits to practice when you’re in a relationship with someone, and I only named a few. The habits I listed above are ones that helped me extensively in my relationships with women, and what I believe to be the most important.