Today’s world is full of noise in most areas. The noise comes from radios, smartphones, TVs, machines and from people. However it is important to spare some few minutes to sit in a quiet place and enjoy the silence.

Sitting alone in quiet place enables one to think well and is very healthy mentally and physically. It is therefore advisable to at least go out to a quiet place to give our body and mind the following benefits. Below are five benefits from Andrew Mat

1.     Increase brain growth rate

Silence stimulates the creation of new brain cells. Study show that sitting in silence for at least two hours can lead to creation new cells in the hippocampus part of the brain. This leads to the improvement of the memory, increased ability to learn and also development of emotions since the hippocampus is responsible for those functions.

2.     Improves the ability to remember

Ability to remember is very essential for a better living as a human being. Taking a walk in a silent area alone can lead to the development of the brain resulting to an improved memory. Occupying ourselves with nature makes the brain to focus more and increase memory connection.  Research found out that an adult who walks for almost an hour in a silent place thrice a week is likely to have a better memory that one who is ever in a noisy area. This is due to the growth of the hippocampus region which is responsible for memory.

3.     Reduces Insomnia

Insomnia is the state of sleeplessness and restlessness which makes someone to have little or no sleep. Sparing some minutes to stay in silence can help improve sleep for an insomniac. A study by JAMA Internal Medicine shows that mindfulness meditation can reduce insomnia, depression and fatigue. The meditation involve listening to our breathing and focusing only on the present without minding about the past or the future.

This helps the brain to reduce thoughts bringing a relaxation in the entire body.

4.     Increases sensitivity

Reduction of sounds leads to an increased awareness of the surrounding areas. Quietness makes one to be very sensitive to sounds, for instance one can hear sounds coming from far when in a quiet area. One can think well when in a silent place than when in a noisy area. Silence increase the sense of sight in that one can see something from far when in a quiet place. It is easier to plan when in a quiet place than when in an area with noise. One can understand his feelings and emotions better when in silence.

5.     Reduces Stress

Noise has some negative effects to functioning of the brain which might lead to increased levels of hormones which cause stress. When sound waves enter the brain cells through the ear they react with the body activating the part of brain associated with emotion formation which leads to the production of the stress hormones.

Silence can help reduce the tension in the body and brain because it enhances good blood circulation in the brain.