healthy cooking tips

Stuck in your home all day?

You may be struggling to keep it healthy amongst the ever-present stress and boredom our current circumstances bring.

If so, read on for five easy tips to make healthy cooking easier and more fun!

1. Try New Recipes

Tired of cooking the same things over and over?! Try something new! Healthy cooking can be pleasurable, and staying home is a fantastic opportunity to up your kitchen game.

First, start with easy recipes with a low number of ingredients. Then, work your way up to creative magic.

Check out this epic list of dinner meals for TONS of inspiration!

2. Eat Solid Meals

It’s incredibly tempting to snack all day long while at home.

The problem?

Snack foods are often much less healthy than good hearty meals. So, make it a priority to fill up on the good stuff at mealtimes and leave the kitchen area between meals (for less temptation). As a result, your motivation to cook good meals will skyrocket.

3. Get Vegetables Any Way You Can

Stores near our home are routinely out of frozen vegetables these days. But don’t let that become your excuse! Canned and fresh options are still fairly plentiful and you can stock up on those.

Get a variety of fresh, canned, and frozen produce to cover you when you’re running low.

4. Meal Plan & Prep

Planning and preparation are the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while our routines continually transition.

So, spend a few minutes every Sunday planning for your healthy meals in the coming week. Then, prep just one healthy item ahead of time. Within days you’ll notice a much better consistency rate from the minimal effort.

5. Limit the Processed Food

Finally, with so many delivery options lately, it’s easy to fill up on junk food. After all, the easiest deliveries are the pantry items that aren’t always nutritious. Indulge in a few of these items, but be careful not to buy too much.

We almost ALWAYS eat what’s in our homes, so make sure you prioritize the healthier items.

In Conclusion

Our current situation sometimes has us reaching for the bad stuff, but stay the course. Healthy cooking and eating can still be achieved and it leads to an astonishingly better quality of life, even while stuck at home.